Why Terpenes Are At Risk, Even in Airtight Jars

Think storing cannabis post-cure in tightly closed jars, totes, bags and other containers is protection enough for moisture-sensitive flower? Cannabinoids and terpenes are at risk when you store flower without a humidity control product.

Terpenes, the aromatic essential oils in cannabis, reside with cannabinoids in the trichomes—those delicate, resinous outer “hairs” of the flower. Unprotected, trichomes can become brittle and break off. And with them go terpenes, THC, CBD and all the other valuable properties of cannabis.

Terpenes are at risk post-cure

Post-cure, it’s important to maintain a precise the relative humidity (RH) level in cannabis containers to avoid damaging trichomes and losing terpenes. Left to the chance, RH can dip or climb out of the ideal range for storing cannabis.

To keep flower in the safe zone—between 58% and 62% RH—cultivators and packagers use humidity control packets, like Boveda. Boveda’s packets are unique because its patented technology and saltwater solution create a monolayer of moisture that shields delicate trichomes, so they can better protect themselves against damage. These protected trichomes are less likely to drop off as they’re handled during curing, storage, transport and packaging.

#savetheterps Photo showing post-cure cannabis stored with Boveda Size 320 for up to 5 pounds of flower. Enjoy 15% more terpenes when you store cannabis with Boveda, the original terpene shield.

Putting mason jars to the test: terpenes are at risk

Scientists at a cannabis testing facility in California:

  • Filled two identical mason jars with the same strain of medical grade cannabis.
  • Placed Boveda in one jar 😊. Left Boveda out of the other jar 😞.
  • Sealed the jars.
  • Tested the terpene levels after 6 weeks.

The cannabis protected by Boveda had 15% higher terpene and cannabinoid levels than cannabis without the Original Terpene Shield™

If your harvest could talk, it would ask for Boveda

Hold on to moisture, hold on to your flower’s trichomes and terpenes! Trichomes house the therapeutic compounds exclusive to this amazing plant. Properly hydrated cannabis retains its medicinal efficacy, provides a better experience and doesn’t lose water weight to evaporation. Boveda’s patented technology adds or removes humidity to maintain the right moisture content for flower. Buds preserved by Boveda retains their color, flavor, aroma and potency.

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