Boveda Response: Bonner Acetone Report


Boveda would like to clarify the misleading and erroneous nature of the acetone claims made by a new competitor in the cannabis space. The findings from the report were taken out of context from a report that the new competitor financed.

The new competitor is continuing to spread misleading information to discredit our brand and our world-class product. So we’d like to respond with facts.

As the global leader in 2-way humidity control, we believe it’s our responsibility to educate cannabis consumers. To explain why humidity control is crucial to protect, preserve and enhance moisture-sensitive products, like cannabis.

Achieving and maintaining relative humidity (RH) is a delicate balance. Add just enough  moisture to protect and retain the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Keep moisture in check to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria. And maintain a precise RH level over a long time, which only a salt-based solution like Boveda can provide.

Using Boveda for cannabis storage keeps flower at an optimal RH level, so that cannabis can last longer. We provide sound science to educate you about the care and keeping of your medicine. Boveda doesn’t use science to shock you. Or report research findings without telling the whole story. When we have people’s health in our hands, there’s too much at stake to misconstrue facts.

Boveda uses facts to disprove myths about flower, not create new ones. Think of the gateway drug theory, the cannabis addiction lie and cannabis overdose rumors. Don’t we have enough educating to do without creating more mistrust within the cannabis community?

Misinterpreting cannabis research puts us all at risk. It gives prohibitionists more fodder against flower. And does little to legitimize the cannabis movement.

(Plus that’s just not how we do things here in Minnesota.)

Here’s the truth:

There is absolutely no risk in using Boveda.
Boveda is completely safe and FDA compliant. Boveda consists of a natural solution of purified water and salts enclosed in a reverse osmosis permeable membrane. The result is clean, purified water vapor. Boveda is trusted by the most reputable companies across several industries, including tobacco and cannabis.

The FDA compliant ingredients contained in Boveda DO NOT contain dangerous levels of acetone or any other harmful ingredients.


Why this report is egregious and misleading:

  1. Acetone is found in nearly all plants, animals and in the air we breathe—including FDA compliant food ingredients—and is completely biodegradable in the air, water and soil. In fact, the human body produces acetone as it metabolizes fat and detection in one’s breath is normal.
  2. Acetone has been found in indoor air at an average of 8 ppb (parts per billion) and OSHA defines safe and acceptable exposure levels up to 1 million ppb. The report noted the extremely low presence of acetone in Boveda (9.8 ppb).
  3. The testing conducted detected similar levels of acetone in this new competitor’s product as well. This fact was not published in the findings.
  4. At this level of off-gas composition testing, everything—including all FDA compliant products you consume—will show a relatively long list of organic compounds.
  5. On a ppb level, these compounds are only detectable using sophisticated instruments. For reference, parts per billion is equivalent to: 1 pinch of salt in 10 tons of potato chips.

You can rest assured that Boveda provides safe, extremely effective and accurate 2-way humidity control for hundreds of thousands of customers each year. We take that responsibility very seriously.

The cannabis industry is on the verge of great growth. Opening access across the country and around the world will drive demand for flower. Demand that will drive supply. Supply that must be properly stored to keep it safe to consume.

Boveda invented, patented and pioneered humidity control 20 years ago. New companies will get into the cannabis humidification/dehumidification space, too. Some trustworthy, others not so much. Because of our history and reputation, we’re not in the business of “cutting down someone else’s chair to make ourselves look taller.” Boveda is in the business of keeping moisture-sensitive products in optimal condition.

For safer flower:

  1. Buy tested strains from licensed dispensaries. (Or grow your own, if it’s legal where you live.)
  2. Make sure your buds have been preserved from cure to container with 2-way humidity control. (Query your budtender.)
  3. Store your flower in an airtight container at an RH level that is in between 50% and 62% to prohibit mold growth and over drying.

And please don’t be misled by alarming claims and misleading statistics. If you have relied on Boveda for 2-way humidity control for your cannabis, we thank you. (And hope you continue to do so.) Count on Boveda and we’ll continue to give you the straight facts on cannabis storage. Read the original study yourself here.

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