How do I use Boveda?

To use Boveda, simply tear open the plastic wrapper on the outside of the pack.  Then remove the Boveda. Take care not to cut or tear the actual Boveda. If you bought Boveda in a resealable or recloseable bag, each Boveda will not be individually wrapped in plastic.

Hand removing 49% RH Boveda from the plastic wrapper

Boveda works automatically using its patented 2-way humidity control to protect cannabis, hemp, cigars, wood instruments, food and other products. Boveda uses only pure water and natural salts in a leakproof membrane to achieve and maintain a constant relative humidity (RH) printed on the outside pack. Boveda is FDA compliant and safe to put directly on your cigars, cannabis, hemp and food.

How to use Boveda for cigars: you can place Boveda throughout your humidor—under shelves or trays or directly on top of or beneath your cigars. You can also affix Size 60 packs directly to the lid, shelf or side of a humidor using a Boveda Holder, which are available in wood and aluminum. Or attach a Size 320 inside your humidor using a Boveda Mounting Plate.

How to use Boveda for cannabis and hemp: you can put Boveda directly into your airtight jar, tote, bag or package.

How to use Boveda for wood instruments: place Boveda in the pouch(es) in the dedicated Boveda fabric holder. Then position the holder in your case in a zone where there will be no pressure when you close the case. Keep the instrument case shut. The leak-resistant holder lets pure water vapor in and out while providing an extra measure of protection from a sharp string or unfortunate impact. Always insert Boveda into a pouch of a Boveda fabric holder before placing in an instrument case.

How to use Boveda with brown sugar, dried herbs, spices, popcorn and other foods: you can put Boveda directly into your airtight jar, bag or container.

A simple touch test will tell you when it’s time to replace your Boveda: Brand new Boveda is soft. When you start to feel hard spots, it’s time to order replacements. DON’T WAIT until Boveda is completely solid before you replace the packs. To make sure you always have fresh Boveda on hand, set up your next order as a subscription to have replacements automatically sent to you when you need them.