The Original Terpene Shield™: The Best Cannabis Humidity Control For Your Money

What cannabis humidity pack is the best value? Boveda offers the highest long-term value to achieve and maintain the right relative humidity for storing cannabis to keep it from drying out or growing mold.

Looking for cost-saving opportunities in the cannabis space? Turns out, the best value cannabis humidity control is Boveda, the original terpene shield™, according to a recent study that compared Boveda to a competing humidity pack. The study showed one Boveda outperformed six glycerin and water humidity packs. And only with Boveda can you create a terpene shield, which protects stored flower from terpene and cannabinoid evaporation.

To reach the target RH for cannabis, scientists had to use 6 water/glycerin-based packs for every 1 Boveda pack. Although Boveda is slightly more expensive, cannabis companies will use fewer Boveda to achieve and maintain a precise RH.

A moisture test for flower proved conclusively that one Boveda did the work of six glycerin and water humidity packs. Plus, only with Boveda can cultivators create a terpene shield to prevent terps from evaporating in dried flower.

Put to the Test, Boveda’s Terpene Shield is the King of Cannabis Humidity Control

For 30 days, scientists measured the RH levels of 14-gram samples of dry hemp flower stored in individual airtight CVault® containers with Boveda humidity control and humidity packets.

Individual flower samples were stored with:

  • A single 62% RH Boveda
  • A single 62% RH glycerin and water pack
  • Multiple 62% RH glycerin and water packs

The flower samples started at 37% RH—well below the optimal RH range of 55-65% as recommended by ASTM International (ASTM D8197 – 18), a global organization that establishes industry standards for manufacturing and services.

Unfortunately, 37% RH for flower is common, since 90% of flower sold is too dry. Anything below 55% RH and flower degrades causing trichomes to become brittle and break off. And with them go terpenes, THC, CBD and all the other valuable properties of cannabis. Above 65% sets the stage for mold growth in stored cannabis. 

What Did the Moisture Test Prove?

  • Flower stored with 1 Boveda terpene shield achieved 62% RH faster than all other flower samples
  • 1 Boveda maintained the ideal RH while 6 were needed for the glycerin and water humidity pack
  • Flower stored with 1 glycerin and water humidity pack never reached the promised 62% RH (In fact, it was never able to reach 50% over the month-long test.)

A Glycerin and Water Humidity Pack Can Never Create a Terpene Shield Like Boveda


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What Boveda Can Do For Flower That Glycerin Humidity Packs Can’t

A glycerin and water packet can give up and take in moisture from its package. But glycerin doesn’t have the capacity to give off water AND maintain a precise RH like Boveda can—and it does not prevent terpene evaporation. Boveda packets create a literal terpene shield around the cannabis trichomes, locking in the aroma, flavor and effects until it’s time to be ground and consumed. 40% of terpenes can disappear in only one week without a terpene shield—and a glycerin and water packet just won’t do the trick!

A proprietary salt-based solution is sealed in Boveda’s patented vapor phase osmosis membrane. It’s the excess salt in the solution that helps Boveda create a stable RH for stored cannabis and hemp. As water vapor is released from or absorbed into the membrane, the water to salt ratio changes. The salt dissolves when more water is absorbed. The salt becomes a solid again when more water is released. Only the water vapor goes in and out of the leakproof membrane to create a monolayer of water molecules over the cannabis trichome, forming a terpene shield. The salt itself stays safely in the membrane and never comes in contact with cannabis.

Maintaining a precise RH by releasing and absorbing pure water vapor as needed, Boveda shields trichomes in protective water molecules. Boveda creates this terpene shield to preserve cannabinoids.  

BOVEDA MAINTAINS PRECISE RH AND PROTECTS TERPENES. From the start, pure water vapor inside Boveda’s membrane moves quickly because there’s so often a big discrepancy between the current RH level of flower and where that flower should be. Once flower achieves the ideal RH, Boveda maintains it for months by adding and absorbing moisture as needed. A monolayer of water molecules protects cannabis trichomes and prevents terpene evaporation. Without a terpene shield, the aroma, flavor and effects of the cannabis are less pronounced, and can never be regained.

Choosing Boveda Saves You Money in the Long Run

To be transparent, Boveda does cost a bit more than glycerin and water packs—about 27¢ more per unit price for one 62% RH Size 8.* (But there’s no savings if you have to buy 6 of the other to 1 Boveda.) So when it comes to cannabis humidity control, the cheapest route won’t save you money—or buy you precision. Or save your terpenes!

* Per unit pricing calculated from consumer website products.

What Cannabis Humidity Control is the Best Value?

Discover the value of Boveda’s terpene shield with stored flower. 97% of cannabis lovers agree—bud’s better with Boveda. Flower has a livelier smell, better appearance and plumper look, too. Find out why people prefer bud that offers a full-terp experience.

Boveda humidity control creates a monolayer of water molecules—one to two molecules thick—that shields trichomes and prevents terpenes and water weight from evaporating in stored hemp flower. 

Boveda. The Original Terpene Shield™.


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