Boveda Challenge Confirms: My Flower’s Better with Boveda

100 cannabis consumers and counting have taken the Boveda Challenge to prove to themselves how much better bud is with Boveda, the original terpene shield. #Savetheterps

97% of Boveda Challenge participants preferred to smoke flower preserved by Boveda.

Seeing, smelling and smoking is believing. We can tell you that 90% of flower out there is unprotected against the dangers of over drying. We can do science demos to show how fast terpenes evaporate. But until you see, smell and smoke perfectly stored flower versus dry flower, it’s just us saying so. So we asked cannabis consumers and professionals to take the Boveda Challenge to see what a full terpene experience feels like.

Watch What People Say When They Save the Terps!

Here’s How the Boveda Challenge Works:

  1. Separate a sample of your own flower into two airtight containers,
    one with a Boveda cannabis humidity packet and one without.
  2. Close those containers and keep them sealed for 14 days.*
  3. After the 14 days are up: note the difference in smell of both samples; before and after the grind (use two separate grinders if possible). Then consume both cannabis samples side by side.

*Why does the Boveda Challenge take 14 days? You’ll see results in just one week (but don’t peek). When you store flower with and without Boveda for two weeks, the differences are compelling. Longer than two weeks? Itll blow your mind! 

Here’s What Boveda Challengers Learned:

Cannabis degrades immediately if it isn’t protected against over drying. (Flower is a dried plant, after all.) So cannabis storage requires a terpene shield that blankets the flower’s delicate trichomes in pure water vapor, which keeps them from degrading.

Why No Other Cannabis Humidity Control Pack Can Make a Terpene Shield

Creating a terpene shield is only possible when you use a product that can quickly achieve the right environment (specifically, the right relative humidity) where this shield can form. Then precisely maintain that environment to keep the shield intact.

Only Boveda, a salt-based humidity control packet, can achieve and maintain a precise humidity level to create and sustain a terpene shield.

When they stored flower at the ideal RH, Boveda Challengers described their flower as:

  • Fresher
  • More potent

One Boveda Challenger added that “The flower smoked longer and better. Stayed at the correct moisture. Kept its tastes.”

“Hands down this is the best product I have seen yet. I also let some close friends and my father who has been growing for over 30 years try it and they all agree with me!!”

-Boveda Challenge participant

94% said the flower with Boveda smelled more lively than the flower without Boveda.

Now this is after grinding the flower. Some cannabis lovers are surprised to learn that flower stored with Boveda tend to be less pungent. Why? Boveda’s terpene shield protects the organic chemicals found in cannabis that give flower its unique aroma and subtle taste. The shield preserves terpenes until you’re ready to enjoy them.

Once they ground the flower, Boveda Challenge participants discovered the aroma was actually more vibrant, more intense in the flower stored with Boveda.

It’s all about shielding your trichomes, which house terpenes and other cannabinoids. Boveda’s saltwater based formulation creates a monolayer of water molecules that coats the trichome, shielding all the good stuff inside. That cannabis smell stays inside the trichomes until you’re ready to release it when you grind your flower. You saved terpenes, not wasted the aroma to make your bag, jar or bin smell good.

Microscopic image of trichomes shows how monolayer of moisture created by Boveda cannabis humidity packet shields trichomes to protect cannabinoids and save terpenes

Why Just Airtight Containers Don’t Do the Trick

A closed jar, locked CVault® or sealed bag cannot save terpenes. Unprotected flower is still at risk when stored without humidity control in an airtight container.

And storing flower with legacy humidifiers—like orange peels or tortillas—can actually damage your flower by creating the perfect environment for mold.

Storing cannabis with orange peels creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. Boveda, the original terpene shield, prevents mold growth in cannabis.
Storing cannabis with tortillas creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. Boveda, the original terpene shield, prevents mold growth in cannabis storage.

“It really brought out the flavor a lot more than I thought it would.
I was very impressed!”

– Boveda Challenge participant

Why “Bag-Appeal” Doesn’t Tell You Flower is Fresh

We’re all so conditioned to judge flower by its aroma in the bag. Remember, it’s a new day for cannabis. Broad legalization means more flower is being produced to satisfy more demand. To keep up, more flower is stored and packaged. And that flower can sit on the shelf for months in cannabis storage. As cannabis producers extend the shelf life of dried flower, they need to keep flower from over drying. And that means storing cannabis at 58% or 62% RH with humidity control, like Boveda.

“It [Boveda] truly keeps flower fresh and almost in a dormant state until ready to be consumed.”

– Boveda Challenge participant

94% said flower preserved with Boveda was most enjoyable.

Boveda. The Original Terpene Shield™


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