Boveda Terpene Spotlight: Linalool Terpene

Has anyone ever told you to “stop and smell the roses?” It’s a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things the universe has to offer, including tantalizing scents that can lift the senses into a true state of bliss.

The source of these incredible smells is terpenes. Also referred to as terps, these compounds are responsible for the rich aromas and flavors found in plants and herbs throughout the natural world. In addition to the olfactory, terps also drive the effects of your favorite cannabis cultivars (AKA strains).

In this edition of terpene spotlight, it’s all about linalool. This fragrant terp isn’t only abundant in the plant world—it’s likely in a variety of products sitting in your home right now! 

What is Linalool?

Linalool is an extremely popular terpene thanks to its delightfully floral bouquet. While best known for its bright scent, a mildly spicy undertone makes linalool truly unique. This terpene is used in a wide variety of goods from body balms to cleaning products. In fact, nearly 80 percent of soaps, shampoos and detergents contain linalool because of its pleasant fragrance.

The linalool terpene is also among the most commonly occurring natural terpenes. While heavily abundant in lavender, it can also be found in sweet basil, rosewood and laurel. Linalool is so prevalent that the average person consumes nearly two pounds of the terpene in their food every year—no cannabis consumption required!

If looking to cannabis for health and wellness benefits, linalool is a great terp to explore. It’s mostly known to promote rest and relaxation. It also performs well as an anti-inflammatory, a neuroprotectant and a pain reliever

Infographic showing the flavor of and health effects for the Linalool Terpene

Which Cannabis Cultivars Contain Linalool?

Very few cannabis strains feature linalool as the most abundant terp, but there are several that list it in the top three. This includes Do-Si-Dos, Amnesia Haze, Zkittlez, Pink Kush and the aptly named Lavender.

Thanks to its calming essence, linalool may also be added to a number of finished cannabis products such as topicals and capsules. Your local dispensary staff can recommend cannabis products rich in linalool—don’t be shy about asking for their opinions!

Preserving Linalool Terpenes in Cannabis

The linalool terpene may be abundant throughout our daily lives, but it’s actually at risk of vanishing from cannabis when unprotected. When this happens, bud is left lacking in flavor, scent and potency.

The best way to preserve linalool and other terpenes in cannabis is through the use of a terpene shield by Boveda. The saturated salt solution within creates a monolayer of water molecules around cannabis trichomes (the crystals that house terps and cannabinoids). This monolayer locks in these active ingredients, shielding the trichomes from damage and preventing terpene loss.

The simple pleasures we encounter every day, like the pleasant aroma of terps such as linalool, truly enhance our lives. Enjoy life to the fullest by always protecting your cannabis with a terpene shield by Boveda.


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