Cannabis Catch Up with Lance Lambert

Does Religion Influence Cannabis Legalization?

The prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s had support from certain religious sects. These days, some faith-based groups favor cannabis prohibition. Hear how people’s religious beliefs can shape their opinion about legalizing cannabis.

Listen and learn:

  • Which religious groups have come out in support of medical cannabis?
  • Are traditionally conservative countries starting to reconsider previous bans on cannabis?
  • How to weed through CBD products.

“We talk about religion and politics and money—the three things you never discuss on a first date.”

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“We’re always learning something new and keeping everyone up to date about the fast growing cannabis industry.”

Cannabis in Church?

Some religious groups are taking a stance on medical cannabis now that it’s more widely accepted. In Utah, the LDS Church (also referred to as the Mormons) was initially against cannabis legalization. Now the LDS Church supports medicinal cannabis. (7:52)

In South America, Chile and Colombia are leading the way toward legal cannabis. Traditionally, South American are Roman Catholic. (10:18)

According to a post in The Catholic Herald in response to Canada lifting cannabis prohibition, “With the exception of cannabis use for medicinal purposes, consuming marijuana violates the virtue of temperance and should be avoided, said Mgr Frank Leo, general secretary of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.”

“We have these few countries around every continent that are kind of coming around and I think they’re going to be the ones that are the alphas and are going to be most successful because they’re going to be many steps ahead.”

Cannabis in Africa?

Zimbabwe recently issued its first license to grow medical cannabis. South Africa is on track to become one of the African continent’s biggest cannabis markets. (9:32)

Cannabis in Asia?

South Korea launched a medicinal program. And Conservative Thailand legalized medical cannabis. Both are great examples of how attitudes about flower around the world are rapidly changing. (10:29)

“Cannabis is like any other industry. There’s so many different opportunities in the fastest growing (pun intended) industry in the world. Get on board NOW. If you missed dot-com, don’t miss this opportunity if you’re passionate about cannabis and really want to make a difference.”

Cannabis on your resume?

There are opportunities in the cannabis industry, whether you want to touch the plant or not. Cannabis job creation is a huge benefit of legalization that no one can argue against. (19:23)

Workers at Nectar cannabis trimming and placing cannabis.

Want to touch the cannabis plant?

  • Master extractor
  • Master growers
  • Quality control inspectors
  • Edibles chefs
  • Dispensary managers
  • Irrigation specialists

Want to get into the cannabis industry, but don’t have expertise with the plant?

  • IT management
  • Physicians
  • Marketing directors
  • Human resource managers
  • Product and logistics managers
  • Software developers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Digital media managers
  • Paralegals
  • Writers
  • Global leaders in 2-way humidity control (Hey, that sounds like Boveda.)
Boveda employees.

…and about the CBD Craze

CBD (cannabidiol) is being added to everything from skin care products to energy drinks. (10:53) This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is becoming extremely popular as a treatment for a variety of illnesses and ailments. However, the FDA has asserted authority over CBD, stating it cannot be promoted as a medicine.

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 in the U.S. Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp production in the United States. Hemp typically contains high amounts of CBD.

“The U.S. Farm Bill addresses hemp from an industrial standpoint, in textile form. Not so much on the food grain side to be used in drinks or edibles, etc. So the regulation of CBD is something that’s still being worked.”

Want to try this new, old treatment?

Keep in mind what you want CBD to relieve—pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Then determine which delivery system—vaping, ingesting oils or capsules or massaging balms—are right for you.

How to Shop for CBD?

Do your research and make sure you’re getting CBD from a reliable resource whether you shop online or locally. Should you really buy a CBD product from a gas station?

Ask to see a product’s COA (certificate of analysis) before you buy that CBD product. If an online CBD retailer or shop can’t—or won’t—share the COA, take your CBD business elsewhere.