Emerald Cup Harvest Ball Unites California Cannabis Community

The Emerald Cup, a time-honored competition for California cannabis, recently held its annual Harvest Ball event. Celebrating the bounty of the harvest season, the festival brings the community together for two days of music, talks, and plenty of the finest flower the Emerald Triangle has to offer.

Growers from across the state had the chance to display their freshest buds, and the terpenes were front and center. Craft cultivators won the day, with several small farms selling out of their wares. Canna Country Farms, known far and wide through the cannabis community for their Emerald Cup award-winning #26, were completely out of the ocimene-forward strain before the first day was even through.

“We genuinely believe it’s a privilege for us to be here,” said Drew Emmer, strategic partnerships at Boveda, as he looked over at the Redwood Roots booth where Canna Country, Huckleberry Hill, Ridgeline, and other Humboldt farmers were set up.

Emerald Cup Harvest Ball 2022

Check out the exclusive breakdown video above from the Boveda team at this year’s Harvest Ball.

Other popular booths included the Alpaca Club, where attendees flocked to pick up brands like Globs, Sense, and Fruit Slabs, Humboldt favorites Space Gem, who shared space with fellow Emerald Triangle brands Talking Trees and HaveHash, and Papa & Barkley, which saw long lines for their premium rosin, topicals, and edibles.

Iconic Bay Area rapper E-40 anchored the day one festivities, with fellow artists Mendo Dope and Kamayiah also drawing large crowds. Despite the intermittent rain, Emerald Cup devotees danced the days and nights away.

Curious about what else went down at this year’s Harvest Ball? Check out the exclusive breakdown video above from the Boveda team.


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