How to Open a Boveda Humidor Bag

You’re where many cigar smokers have stood before. You unzipped your new humidor bag. You gently tugged at the sides. And it didn’t open. Now you’re wondering—if you pull really hard will you break this new Boveda Humidor Bag?

Never fear, you got this. Opening the medium and large humidor bags is tricky because of a protective heat seal—one reason it’s superior to food bags for cigar storage. Watch this video to learn how to open a medium and large Boveda Humidor Bag.

Just Pull Hard—And No, You Won’t Tear it

What If the Humidor Bag is “Puffed Up” with Air After You Close It?

There will always be air inside your humidor bag after you close it. Don’t try to squeeze air out of a closed humidor bag. You could pop it, which will make you unhappy.

If it’s too “puffed up,” open the bag about an inch then gently press on areas not containing cigars to release excess air. Careful not to crush your cigars! Remember to reseal the bag.

How Long Does a Boveda Humidor Bag Last?

A lifetime. Even though it says “one year” on the front, the bag itself is reusable. It’s the Boveda inside the humidor bag that expires after a year. When the Boveda that came with your humidor bag starts to get crunchy and rigid, then it’s time to replace the pack.

Can You Reuse a Boveda Humidor Bag?

YES! You can with Boveda 69% RH. At 69%, you’ll maintain a perfect environment for premium cigars in a humidor bag.

Using an RH above 69% is not recommended in a humidor bag, which is an airtight environment. If the moisture level is too high, cigars can develop mold. So stick with 69% RH, which prevents mold growth while humidifying cigars. And never mix different RH levels within the same humidor bag or humidor.

For a small humidor bag, order Size 8. For medium and large humidor bags, order Size 60

To refill Boveda Humidor Bags: Use Boveda 69% RH (Size 60 for large and medium Boveda Humidor Bags or Size 8 for small Boveda Humidor Bag

After a year, replace the Boveda that came with the humidor bag with fresh Boveda 69% RH to keep using this heavy-duty bag for cigar storage. Use one Size 60 in a large or medium bag and one Size 8 in a small Boveda Humidor Bag.

Where Should You Store Your Boveda Humidor Bag?

Store wherever you usually store cigars. Because the bags are streamlined, they’re perfect on the go. Slip them into a carry-on, golf bag, breast pocket or ski boot bag—places a traditional humidor won’t easily fit.

Host of the  Box Press Podcast, Rob Gagner protects cigars in a Boveda Humidor Bag in his golf bag
Host of Box Press Podcast Rob Gagner brings cigars out on the golf course, but protects them in a Humidor Bag. BONUS: the odor barrier keeps cigars from smelling like a leather golf bag!


Pull Hard to Break the Heat Seal to Open a Boveda Humidor Bag


  1. Unzip the bag using the plastic zipper, which will reveal a heat seal. 
  2. Apply firm pressure to pull the opening of the bag apart to break the heat seal.  (It might feel like you’ll rip the bag, but you won’t. Just give it a really good tug.)
  3. Run your finger up and down to separate the rest of the opening. Add cigars.


  1. On the sides of the bag near the top are notches to show you where to open the bag.
  2. Tear off the top of the bag, then pull the opposing top edges apart.
  3. Open the bag to insert your cigars.


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