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How Moisture Affects Your Music

Why did the guitar gently weep?

Because it’s very sensitive—especially to humidity. So whether you play for fans, friends or Mr. Fluff-in-stuff, you need to learn how moisture affects your music.

Broken GuitarToo humid and your guitar can sound muddy. Too dry and your tone might sound a little thin. To even out your sound, keep your guitar in tune and protect the wood, store your guitar with Boveda in a closed case where you can better control the humidity.

Subjecting your guitar to big humidity swings can lead to problems that lead to damage that lead to you not playing because your guitar is in the shop. And that costs you $$$.

In fact, luthiers say a host of guitar repairs could be avoided with proper humidified storage. Boveda, the global leader in patented 2-way humidity control, was just recognized #1 in Guitar Humidification by Test Facts.

Boveda makes it so easy for guitarists to control the uncontrollable—act on the environment instead of being at the mercy of it. Boveda packets adjust the relative humidity (RH) inside your closed case to lock in a precise moisture level perfect for guitar storage.

Boveda #1 Guitar Humidifier

Here’s how Boveda works:

  • Inside each Boveda packet is pure water and natural salts sealed in a leak-proof pouch.
  • The pouch gradually releases water vapor or absorbs moisture to keep the environment surrounding your guitar at an ideal 49% RH level.
  • Boveda works solo and lasts for 2-5 months, based on your case, your climate and the time of year.

Boveda is so much easier than 1-way guitar humidity devices. There is no water to add, no sponges, no tubes. Nothing. Just put Boveda packets in your guitar case then replace them when they get as hard and crunchy as a funk rock song.

How muggy is it?

heat map humidity

Fine-tune the Boveda guitar formula you use based on your climate’s humidity level—either year-round or seasonally.

Below or = 50% humidity: Boveda 49% RH

Consistently Above 50% humidity (see orange region): Boveda 49% RH H.A. (High Absorption), which is designed to absorb more water for high humidity locations like New Orleans, Miami, or other sub-tropical environments.

Not sure? Click here to check your local humidity levels.

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boveda application

  1. Drape one over your strings into your sound hole to really get into the body of your instrument
  2. Nestle the other under or over the neck to handle moisture near the headstock and fretboard
  3. Shut lid and keep it closed whether your guitar is in there or not

To keep your Taylor or Bourgeois from weeping, check out the entire repetoire of #1 rated Boveda.

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