terpene degradation


When stored without a terpene shield, cannabis is immediately at risk. 40% of terpenes are lost within just one week, taking with them the rich aroma, flavor and effects your customers have come to expect. But you can prevent terpene loss by storing cannabis with Boveda, the original terpene shield™.

Relative Humidity


Cannabis needs to be stored at a relative humidity level (RH) of between 55-65%, according to ASTM standards. Overly humid conditions will increase the risk of mold while dry environments will lead to trichome degradation and terpene evaporation.

Boveda Business FAQs

Can Boveda touch my cannabis/hemp?
Sure, Boveda can 100% come in contact with cannabis and hemp. Boveda is FDA compliant and food safe. So feel free to slip in Boveda among your buds in your bins. Or place us on top of or at bottom of your cannabis in a jar. If you like to keep a tidy stash, check out a CVault® stainless steel cannabis container. (It’s preloaded with Boveda, the original terpene shield™.) The lid sports an integrated Boveda holder, so you can slip your pack right in. Then latch the lid closed to create an airtight seal. You now have total humidity control while Boveda is suspended high above your medicine, preserving your terps.
Can I use Boveda with other humidification devices in my cannabis/hemp container?
No. For humidity’s sake, please don’t use Boveda with other humidification products within the same cannabis container! There’s a chance they could cancel one another out and be less efficient. Plus no other product can prevent terpene evaporation like Boveda, the original terpene shield™. Only Boveda can protect your full-terp experience. Not any other humidity pack. Not even “natural” legacy methods, like tortillas, fruit peels, etc. Quick cultivating history lesson: before there was Boveda, cannabis enthusiasts slipped “natural items,” including tortillas, apples slices, bread or other organics, in with jarred flower to keep it fresh. While absorbing some moisture from foods and food remnants, flower also absorbed their flavors and aromas. (Rotting banana peel, anyone?) Remember Boveda preserves—doesn’t change—flower’s aroma, flavor and effects. Boveda is food safe—inside is all natural salts and pure water. But unlike organic materials, Boveda achieves and maintains a precise relative humidity (RH)  level to create a monolayer of water molecules around trichomes. With Boveda, there’s no terpene evaporation. No dried-out flower. No decomposing banana peel smell or taste. So toss your fruit detritus in your compost pile. Save your tortillas for Taco Tuesday. And store your cannabis with Boveda, the original terpene shield, instead. Within each individual jar, bag or bin, stick with just one RH. Choose between Boveda 58% and 62% RH to store cannabis and hemp. 
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship to most countries. Shipping fees do not include any customs or duties fees. If the country you’re sending your order to charges import duties, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay them. You must enter your address in English characters in order to get a correct postage quote.
Does Boveda steal terps?
No, Boveda does not steal terpenes. It’s the only humidity control that protects terps. While other 2-way humidity control might put humidity in the container, only Boveda 2-way humidity control creates a monolayer of purified water vapor over the trichome to protect cannabis terpenes from evaporation. Boveda is the original terpene shield™. Boveda’s all natural salt solutions help protect your terpenes at precise humidity levels to ensure ideal weight without worry of over drying or mold.
Cannabis Terpene Shield
Which RH level is right for cannabis/hemp?
Cannabis should be kept in the ideal range of .55-.65 relative humidity based on ASTM standards. Boveda helps you achieve precise humidity with a 58% RH option and a 62% RH option depending on your personal preference. You can’t go wrong with either RH. Test for yourself.