Can I recharge Boveda?

If you’re looking for optimal protection, then Boveda recommends you do not recharge exhausted packs. Why? Well, primarily, because Boveda will no longer reach exact precision. Using a rehydrated Boveda means you run the risk of doing damage to the products your trying to protect with mold or extreme humidity fluctuations. Moreover, depleted packs can, on occasion, contain sharp crystallized salt residue that can penetrate the pack’s inner membrane and cause leaks once hydrated. If that were to happen, it would damage your products.

We’d like to see you get the most out of your passion, so please do not reuse Boveda once it’s done it’s job. After all, there’s another Boveda waiting in line to take its place.

Tip: To avoid running out of Boveda, subscribe to automatically receive replacement Boveda every few months. Just choose to subscribe after you select your product.