Can I reuse Boveda for Seasoning packs?

No. After you season your wood humidor with the Boveda 84% RH, you’ll notice the seasoning packs might still feel jelly-like inside. Usually a “squishy” Boveda signals it’s still working—not in the case of the seasoning packs. These special Boveda are designed to release a lot of moisture in a short amount of time. They’re “super powered” to have more than enough moisture to get a wood humidor up to the right RH—no matter how dry it is.

So if your Boveda 84% RH are “still squishy” after using them for seasoning for 14 days, that’s normal. The Boveda have done their job. Thank them, then remove them from your humidor and dispose of the seasoning packs. You cannot use them again.

After seasoning, it’s time to add Boveda maintenance packs. For a wood humidor, we recommended Boveda 72% RH.

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