How do I season my guitar case?

Because most guitar cases are twice as much wood as the actual guitar itself, we recommend that you season your guitar case first for the best results. It’s rather simple, and it’ll go a long way toward protecting your instrument.

  1. First, place four Size 60 Boveda at 72% RH in Boveda pouch holders.
  2. Drape one pouch holder over your strings and into your sound hole.
  3. Gently place the other pouch holder near the headstock and fretboard.
  4. Shut the case closed and keep it closed for about two weeks with your guitar inside.
  5. Two weeks later, remove the Boveda 72% RH and throw it away, but keep the pouches.
  6. Still with us? Now, insert Boveda 49% RH Standard packs in the pouch holders.
  7. Position it in the guitar case, shut the case and keep it closed whether your guitar is in it or not.

Or watch the video below for step-by-step instructions for how to protect your instrument so you get years and years of sweet melodies out of it.