How do I use Boveda to moisten reeds in a reed case?

See How to Moisten Reeds with Boveda


  1. Insert the unwrapped Boveda into a pocket or available open area inside the reed case.
  2. Close the lid, so Boveda can add or absorb moisture as needed to balance humidity in the reed case.
  3. Each Boveda will keep reeds moist for 60 days, depending on the time of year, your climate and the reed case.

Do the touch test. Order replacement packs BEFORE Boveda is totally rigid to avoid a lapse in humidity protection for your woodwind reeds.
Boveda is still working if you feel:
• Hardening at its corners
• Soft spots among some hard areas
Boveda is expired if:
• The entire pack feels rock solid all the way through.

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Boveda for moistening reeds for day-to-day storage in a reed case