How do you open a Boveda Humidor Bag?

Read the full blog post which includes: where to store a humidor bag, what if the bag is “puffed up” and if you can reuse a Boveda Humidor Bag. (Answer is yes!)

Overview: Opening a New Boveda Humidor Bag

MEDIUM AND LARGE: The first time you open a new medium or large Boveda Humidor Bag can be tricky because of its protective interior heat seal.

  1. Unzip the bag using the plastic zipper, which will reveal a heat seal.
  2. Apply firm pressure to pull the opening of the bag apart to break the heat seal.  (It might feel like you’ll rip the bag, but you won’t. Just give it a really good tug.)
  3. Run your finger up and down to separate the rest of the opening. Add cigars.


Pull Hard to Break the Heat Seal to Open a Boveda Humidor Bag

SMALL: A small Boveda Humidor Bag is easier to open. It opens more like a resealable bag of packaged snacks, granola, etc.

  1. Look for a notch on either side of the top of the bag. Starting at a notch, tear off the top of the bag.
  2. Pull the opposing top edges apart.
  3. Open the bag. Insert cigars.