What RH do you use to refill a Boveda Humidor Bag?

Refill a Boveda Humidor Bag with Boveda 69% RH. (Size 60 for a medium or large bag; Size 8 for a small bag.)  At 69%, you’ll maintain a perfect environment for premium cigars in a humidor bag.


To refill Boveda Humidor Bags: Use Boveda 69% RH (Size 60 for large and medium Boveda Humidor Bags or Size 8 for small Boveda Humidor Bag


Using an RH above 69% is not recommended in a humidor bag, which is an airtight environment. If the moisture level is too high, cigars can develop mold. So stick with 69% RH, which prevents mold growth while humidifying cigars. And never mix different RH levels within the same humidor bag or humidor.