What size Boveda is right for me?

Boveda comes in many sizes to fit your needs. The size Boveda you use depends on what you’re protecting—cigars, cannabis, hemp, wood instruments, food or other items. If you use a larger size Boveda than the links below suggest, your Boveda will simply last longer.

What size Boveda should you use for different cannabis/hemp weights?  Boveda comes in five different sizes to protect cannabis from terpene evaporation.

What size Boveda should you use in your cigar humidor, cigar wineador, or tupperadore? Boveda comes in three sizes for cigars. The capacity of the cigar humidor determines how many and what size Boveda you use. (In other words, how many cigars the manufacturer said your humidor can hold.) Size 8 is for smaller travel humidors and cigar cases—use one size 8 for every 5 cigars a humidor can hold.

How many Boveda do you need in your humidor?

What size Boveda Starter Kit do you need for your wood instrument? Boveda Starter Kits come in two sizes:
Size Large for fretted/bowed wood instruments, including acoustic guitars and basses; guitarróns; violoncellos; double basses; bass clarinets; bassoons; and large cases.
Size Small for fretted/bowed/wood woodwind instruments, including violins; violas; oboes; ukuleles; electric and bass guitars; and small cases.

Find the right size for foods, packaging  and other uses here, including popcorn, dried herbs, brown sugar and more.