Why do I need to calibrate a hygrometer?

Over time, both analog and digital hygrometers fall out of calibration. Just because a hygrometer is registering readings doesn’t mean those readings are accurate. (Remember the adage that even a broken clock is right twice a day?)

If you don’t calibrate a hygrometer, its readings can be off, way off. A properly calibrated hygrometer gives you an accurate account of the relative humidity (RH) in a humidor. Storing cigars at the right RH protects the sugars and oils of the tobacco.

We recommend:

  • Calibrating a new hygrometer before you put it in your humidor—even if that new digital hygrometer says it’s been pre-calibrated (If you have a new hygrometer for your humidor, learn  about calibrating it here.)
  • Calibrating a hygrometer every six months

It’s easy when you use the Boveda One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit to keep your humidor’s hygrometer reading right. Takes just 24 hours for professional-level results. Order the calibration kit for humidors here.

Watch How Easy Calibrating a Hygrometer is with Boveda’s kit

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