Why does my Boveda feel like thick jelly or dense clay?

Boveda can feel gel-like, clay-like or even “squishy” because of the ingredients inside. In each Boveda is a special combination of all-natural salts, purified water and a food-safe thickener. The amount of thickener in the formula (AKA secret recipe) determines its consistency and therefore how pliable the finished product feels. The more thickener in the formula makes some Boveda feel thicker.

Over time, Boveda’s formula can occasionally thicken. A temperature drop during shipping or storage can also make Boveda feel thicker. These changes are normal and will not impact Boveda’s performance, effectiveness or shelf life of the 2-way humidity control. FYI: Remember to store any Boveda you’re not using in a dry place at room temperature.

FUN FACT: Did you know the thickener inside Boveda is often found in salad dressings? Here’s why we add this thickener to Boveda formula:

  • So the salt doesn’t clump
  • So the salt stays mixed with the water
  • So it’s easier to fill each Boveda with a consistent amount of salt solution