Smokin’ Honduras Cigar Tour | Vlog

Tobacco fields. Coffee plantations. Amazing views. Bumpy country roads. Come along with Rob Gagner, host of Box Press podcast on this Honduras cigar tour with Oscar Valladares of his namesake tobacco company.

Rob gives you an exclusive look at Oscar’s cigar operation in Danli, Honduras. Stroll through verdant rows of tobacco on Oscar’s 30 acres. Watch women separating and sorting the tobacco by feel, color, touch and consistency. And see moistened leaves fermenting under heat and pressure in large stacks called pilónes. And, of course, there’s dinner at Oscar Valladares’s estate!

You too can take a Honduras cigar tour via an Oscar Valladares Tobacco Adventure. Experience your passion for cigars like never before. The experiential tour takes you behind the scenes of premium cigars—the agriculture, manufacturing and cultural and economic impacts of this handmade art form.

Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Company creates seven cigar brands, including the 2012 and Ciseron Edition. Before closing each box, a Boveda is nestled inside to preserve the flavor and condition of each cigar to protect it for you, the cigar lover. Using Boveda in with cigars guarantees they’ll stay fresh.


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