Can I Recharge Boveda?

It’s no secret that Boveda will absorb moisture if exposed to a humidity higher than what’s printed on the pack, but we don’t recommend recharging exhausted packs. First, it requires putting time, hassle and mess into something specifically designed to be completely hassle-free. Secondly, depleted packs may contain sharp crystallized salt residue that can puncture the inner membrane and cause leaks once rehydrated. Lastly, your Boveda will not be as accurate in reaching its intended RH if recharged.

The bottom line: Boveda is not designed to be re-used. Attempting to rehydrate the packs increases risk of wearing out the paper and heat-seals, thus causing potential membrane leaks. Putting these back in your humidor around your cigars is not using the product as intended, and Boveda strongly discourages this behavior.