How Totem Farms And Boveda Deliver the Best Pre-Rolls to All of Oregon

By packaging pre-rolls with the original terpene shield, consumers get the full terpene experience, which means full aroma, flavor and experience. Nothing is lost to terpene evaporation.

In 2017, Totem Farms set out to develop a high-end pre-roll to stand out among a sea of competitors. Company co-founder John Nason knew that developing hand-cut, hand-rolled pre-rolls would showcase the consistent burn and premium quality of the brand’s cannabis. Growers and producers worked together for months to fine-tune their curing process. The team also collaborated on creating three pre-roll varietals—an indica (Peace of Mind), sativa (High Spirits) and hybrid (Natural Union). 

For sure, the high-quality flower and efficient curing process made this Southern Oregon producer standout. Most importantly, Totem Farms needed a way to maintain the quality of its cannabis—on-site, in packaging, on the shelf and when its in the hands of the consumer.

Totem Farms protect aroma, flavor and effects with a terpene shield.

Totem Farms Develops Innovative Packaging for Pre-Rolls

So the Totem Farms team developed a distinctive retail box that matched the quality of its flower and looked good, too. Even in airtight packaging, however, cannabis terpenes evaporate. Terpenes are the organic chemicals in cannabis that enhance the consumer experience.  So adding a component to preserve terpenes was essential to maintain the quality aroma, flavor and effects the team labored so hard to produce. The Totem Farms pre-roll packaging needed a terpene shield.

Totem Farms pre-roll packaging features the Boveda terpene shield and a built-in match box
So consumers will never be caught without a light, Totem Farms integrated a built-in matchbox along with a terpene shield in its pre-roll packaging. Now that’s hot!

“From the first time you slide one of the Totem packs open, you know you’re not dealing with your average pre-roll pack.”

Anthony Fritts, Cannabis Nation Dispensaries Regional Director

Totem Farms Sees the Benefits of Protecting Harvest and Pre-Rolls with the Original Terpene Shield

With a terpene shield, Totem Farms preserved flower quality after harvest. They also found that a terpene shield protected pre-roll quality—for a long time. 

The team realized that Boveda’s original terpene shield preserved the quality of flower and pre-roll packs for months. On the back-end, terpene shields keep terps fresh during storage. With one in product packaging, consumers get to discover the quality of their pre-roll packs at their pace. (The last pre-roll in a pack should be as good as the first one, after all.)

Fortunately, the power of Boveda’s terpene shield is available in packs right-sized for individual pre-roll retail boxes. Boveda makes its patented 2-way humidity control in a variety of sizes to fit the storage and packaging needs of cannabis companies like Totem Farms. Inside each box of pre-rolls, Totem Farms includes a Boveda Size 1, which protects up to an eighth of flower. By integrating a terpene shield into its product packaging, Totem Farms provides consumers with a full terpene experience in every pre-roll. Vibrant aroma. Rich flavor. Uncompromised effect.

Start looking at the real and proven science behind the technology at Boveda.”

John Nason, Co-Founder Totem Farms

Dispensaries Give a Thumbs Up to Pre-Rolls Kept Fresh with the Original Terpene Shield

Totem Farms has really revolutionized pre-rolls by packaging them with a terpene shield. Both consumers and budtenders note better burn rates and superior flavors. “We have been selling Totem’s pre-roll packs at all of our Oregon locations for over a year and we love their brand and their products,” Anthony Fritts, regional director of Cannabis Nation, said. The Oregon-based dispensaries specialize in 100% natural, artisan cannabis products.

“From the first time you slide one of the Totem packs open, you know you’re not dealing with your average pre-roll pack. The care and consistency that goes into Totem’s Pre-rolls is second to none. That attention to detail combined with organic nug run flower, results in exceptional flavors, outstanding burn rates and a much longer than “normal” quality shelf life,” Anthony said.

Totem Farms joints are protected by Boveda humidity packs.

Proof that Totem Farms customers recognize the power of a terpene shield. “We’ve heard our joints might just be the smoothest smoking ones out there.”

A Lasting Relationship that Stays Fresh Like Totem Farms’ Terpenes

Totem Farms found its solution. Terpene quality and flower freshness have remained consistent on the back-end and in pre-roll packs. Totem Farms found Boveda to be a reliable partner in several ways:

  • Terpene shields work. Boveda’s most recent product testing results revealed a wealth of useful information into how it maintains freshness and potency.
  • Boveda’s consistent. Each humidity pack’s 58% and 62% RH humidity control adheres to ASTM Cannabis aW Standards, which stipulate that humidity remains between 55-65% to preserve cannabis quality and prevent mold. 
  • Terps stay fresh. Tests also reveal that pre-rolls without humidity control packs lose between 41% and 46% of their humidity, a direct indicator of lost terpenes.

The Future: Continued Excellence Through High-Quality Flower, Pre-Rolls and Fresh Terpenes

Totem Farms intends to keep the positive results coming with a long-lasting relationship with Boveda and terpene shields. The team continually strives to maintain its quality from harvest to whenever the consumers open their box, even if it takes a while to get around to it. 

The Oregon cannabis brand is confident that Boveda’s humidity packs are fundamental in maintaining that quality from harvest to consumption. When asked what he’d tell other operators in the industry about his experience with the original terpene shield, John said, “When it comes to preserving terpenes, flavor and the beauty in your flower, whether that be in a pre-roll or a jar of flower on your shelf…start looking at the real and proven science behind the technology at Boveda.”

Cannabis companies like Totem Farms package pre-rolls with the original terpene shield, Boveda.

Save the Terps with Totem Farms and Boveda

Find out more about Boveda, the original terpene shield, and its wholesale opportunities: email or click here. Learn more about Totem Farms and its line of THC and CBD cannabis products here. And follow Totem Farms on social media @totem_farm.