Tricann Alternatives Puts Patients First with Innovative Cannabis Packaging – The Boveda Closure

In the emerging cannabis industry, a passion for helping people experience the full potential of the plant is crucial for success. This is especially true for retailers, who see a wide range of consumers or medical marijuana patients with varying needs.

TriCann dispensary
Aaron Barth, founder and owner of Tricann Alternatives, places Boveda in sample jars to keep flower fresh.

Tricann Alternatives is one dispensary that always puts its customers first. Patient-focused care is the mission of this Maine-based vertically-integrated retailer. Tricann takes a medicinal and mindful-minded approach to the cannabis business. That means going the extra mile to help every person find relief—including using innovative cannabis packaging.

“Every person reacts so differently (to cannabis),” founder and owner Aaron Barth explained. “We want to make sure we offer a product for anyone who needs it and it really calls on the caregivers to provide education.”

Barth founded Tricann after witnessing how medical cannabis improved the quality of life for many family members who suffered from debilitating illnesses. A patient himself, Barth began his caregiver journey in Massachusetts in 2013 where he built a substantial following, at one point serving over 600 people through a partner clinic. The organization moved north to Maine in 2016. 

Lending a personalized touch that goes above and beyond the normal dispensary interaction, the staff consults with patients to address their goals in complimentary one-on-one sessions. By tapping into educational resources and the latest research, the providers match the person to the correct cannabinoid blend and dosage.

Tricann’s in-house product line is extensive, offering something for everyone. Clean and professional branding signifies its commitment to wellness. Standout finished goods include a line of capsules and tinctures to alleviate specific health concerns based on their blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. Customized cannabinoid and terpene blends are also available, furthering the dispensary’s mission to make a difference for all.

“We’ve come up with hundreds and hundreds of different blends of capsules and tinctures that work for individual people,” Barth said.

The flower selection consists of high-quality, top-shelf cultivars grown with the patient in mind. Many of the strains are high in CBD, including Critical Mass, Wilbur, and Cindy Maz, something Barth insists is a crucial need in a narrow marketplace. Tricann eschews the trend of retailers focusing on products containing high amounts of THC, instead focusing on the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids.

The brand’s exclusive Kimbo Glue strain was bred specifically for Tricann patients. It’s designed to promote relief from aches and pains and induce relaxation at the end of the day.

Commitment to Consumers Extends Beyond A Product Catalog into Cannabis Packaging

Putting patients first is always front of mind for the team at Tricann. In addition to its impressive product line, the dispensary has adopted a number of operating procedures meant to raise the bar in patient safety and satisfaction. 

Tricann insists on extensive testing for its products to ensure every item on its shelves is fit for consumption. Although Maine does not require medical cannabis to be checked for pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals, or potency (an anomaly in the industry), Barth insists on the process for his business to protect the customers he holds dearly.

“It’s crazy, it makes no sense,” he said of the lack of testing regulations in the state. “Testing is how we maintain quality.”

Barth showcases the Boveda Closure, an innovative integrated jar lid.

In order to preserve its flower and give patients a consistent experience, Tricann joined Boveda’s business-to-business Terpene Shield Program and adopted the Boveda Closure for its jars. This new product provides a convenient way to package and preserve medical cannabis. The innovative lid contains the same patented two-way humidity control technology used in the Original Terpene Shield™ by Boveda, which “shields” the cannabis inside the container. A saturated salt solution sealed in a leakproof membrane sits within the integrated jar cap. This terpene shield creates a layer of purified water molecules around the trichomes, locking in terpenes and cannabinoids until it’s time to enjoy. 

Child resistant and senior-friendly, the Boveda Closure was developed in a collaboration with Drug Plastics & Glass (DPG), a trusted supplier of pharmaceutical-grade closures and bottles that are made in the United States. The package provides a convenient, seamless solution for cannabis brands and retailers seeking to safeguard their products and deliver a dependable, top-shelf experience to consumers.

The Boveda Closure uses the same technology as Boveda packets in an integrated lid.

“We’re talking medicine here—it’s important that medicine be delivered at the consistently high quality the patient expects,” said Jayson Drake, Vice President of Product Management at Boveda Inc. “We have been working closely with DPG since the initiation of this project, to present a seamlessly integrated product to the marketplace.”

Tricann Sets Sights on Nationwide Industry

The lack of consistency in the product category and an emphasis on high THC potency have inspired Barth to take Tricann’s mission on the road. Barth and the team are currently developing a CBD line for the broader market.

“I think quality and reliability are huge in the CBD platform, and there’s a big need for CBD products in the adult-use markets,” he explained. “There are some products out there that have lower THC numbers that are so much better, and so much more beneficial for a consumer.”

The plan is just another example of Tricann’s fervent passion for patients, and an unrelenting dedication to plant medicine. Barth has witnessed story after story of healing and understands more than most the incredible impact cannabis can have on quality of life.

Barth recalled a senior patient in hospice who found pain relief with one of his cannabis-infused topical creams. Thanks to the plant, her final days were made more comfortable. It’s stories like these that keep him going even on the hardest days.

“Her daughter made it very, very clear to me that the mother actually had told her, ‘make sure that you let them know.’” he recalled, getting emotional. “It makes an impact even today. It affects me.”


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