Top 3 Reasons Why Cannabis Businesses Use Boveda

Bill Conkling, Maggie's Farm, One of the Cannabis Businesses Use Boveda

“Boveda packs have been a lifesaver for us. We found Boveda to be the most effective product in our process—not only preserving but enhancing the terpenes over the course of a year.”

– Bill Conkling, Maggie’s Farm, CEO, Owner and Cultivator


Creating a Terpene Shield Around Each Trichome Delivers a Terp-Rich Experience

Maintaining high-quality top-shelf cannabis and hemp starts with saving terpenes—the organic chemicals that give flower its aroma, flavor and effects. Without protection, terpenes begin to evaporate immediately when cannabis and hemp are in bins or bags, out for distribution and on the shelf. And when terpenes are gone, it’s permanent.

Without a Terpene Shield, 40% of Terpenes Will Be Lost in Just One Week

Protecting premium flower inventory from terpene degradation is the top reason cannabis companies add Boveda to front-end and back-end storage. Maggie’s Farm preserves terpenes and cannabinoids by curing and storing its cannabis with the original terpene shield. The premium cannabis brand grown in Southern Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is renowned for full terpene profiles. Maggie’s Farm’s terpene percentage products routinely test between 4% and 8%.

No other cannabis humidity pack creates a monolayer of water to protect terpenes while preventing degradation 


Preserving Quality Sets Your Brand Apart in the Competitive Cannabis Market

Many cultivators are so focused on growing the plant, they often underestimate how integral post-harvest is to refining flower’s quality. It doesn’t make sense to skimp on something it took some much time and effort for you to grow, after all.

Flower that provides a full-terpene experience will show consumers time and time again why your cannabis products are a step above the rest.

Doesn’t matter how good a cannabis harvest was—consumers who don’t get what they paid for blame the brand for putting out a low-quality product. And then they move on. No company wants its name on cannabis whose aroma, flavor and effectiveness have been compromised—especially when they’re so easy to protect with a terpene shield.

Safely Maturing Cannabis and Hemp

While cured and inventoried with a terpene shield, top-shelf cannabis and hemp also mature in a safe environment. Cannabis businesses use Boveda to keep dried flower at a water activity level (aW) between 0.55-0.65 (or 55% and 65% relative humidity (RH)), the safety standard put forth by ASTM. By staying within this range with Boveda 58 or 62% RH, processors can keep cannabis and hemp from over-drying and prevent mold growth. (While creating that monolayer of purified water to shield terps and preserve flavor, aroma and experience, too.)

One of the largest permitted grow operations in Washington state–Sky High Gardens. yield superior flower safely. Cannabis connoisseurs look to Sky High Gardens for a full terp experience in a rainbow assortment of exotic strains. You’ll feel as if you won the golden ticket as Boveda takes you up and away through Sky High Gardens.

Protecting Quality in Cannabis and Hemp Packaging

Cannabis businesses that care about maintaining a higher standard and saving terpenes integrate a terpene shield into packaging, too. Even in an airtight jar, containers and bags, terpenes can still evaporate without a terpene shield, like Boveda.

By packaging with a terpene shield, cannabis brands keep quality high and effects consistent. Totem Farms, a Southern Oregon needed a way to maintain the quality of its cannabis—on-site, in packaging, on the shelf and when it’s in the hands of the consumer. So Totem Farms packages its high-end pre-rolls with the original terpene shield. Providing a full-terpene experience, the hand-rolled pre-rolls showcase a consistent burn and premium quality of the brand’s cannabis.

No other cannabis humidity pack creates a monolayer of water that protects terpenes while preserving quality

Phil Seda, Sky High Gardens, One of the Cannabis Businesses that Uses Boveda

We talk about a 45-day glass cure here at Sky High Gardens—minimum. The cure only happens between certain humidity ranges, and so Boveda allows us to achieve that ideal humidity time and time again. And that’s going to create that natural progression of removing the chlorophyll from the plant and achieving a smooth smoke and the full taste we’re accustomed to.

“Science is starting to show that the terpenes and the potency of these products last longer when the humidity is right.”

– Phil Seda, Sky High Gardens, Director of Operations

Totem Farms Cannabis Businesses that Use Boveda

“When it comes to preserving terpenes, flavor and the beauty in your flower, whether that be in a pre-roll or a jar of flower on your shelf…start looking at the real and proven science behind the technology at Boveda.”

– John Nashon, Totem Farms, Co-Founder

Gruenkraft hemp cannabis business uses Boveda.

“Many of our clients ask us how we keep up the quality of our flowers whilst they travel all over Europe. The answer is simple: @BOVEDACANNABIS.”

– Philipp Eltz, Grünkraft, Co-Founder


Retaining Moisture Weight Protects the Value of Your Flower

Are some of your profits disappearing into thin air? Every harvest, growers, processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers lose money to moisture evaporation. Look at it this way—as terpenes evaporate, so does water weight. For cannabis and hemp flower, moisture matters.

Bud’s weight directly correlates with its profitability—the heavier the yield, the higher the profits. A mere 5% dip below the target range of 55-65%  eliminates six pounds per every 1,000 pounds of flower. At $5 per gram wholesale, that works out to upwards of $13,500 in lost revenue—and that’s with just a 5% drop in RH.

Creating a terpene shield with Boveda also allows you to maintain 58% or 62% RH—well within the ideal range. At this RH, you’ll hold onto your flower’s weight, terps and revenue. Many processors who store flower with Boveda can hold inventory beyond the post-harvest rush. As supply dips and demand stays steady, the market price increases, and then you sell. BONUS!

Grünkraft, a prolific grower in Bern, Switzerland, supplies the European Union with high-quality CBD flower. To keep up with the constant demand for fresh buds, the company harvests three times a month. Then transports flower and derivatives to more than 27 other countries.

After harvesting, drying and curing its buds to a perfect level of humidity, Grünkraft keeps it within the ideal ASTM range with Boveda.

No other cannabis humidity pack creates a monolayer of water that protects terpenes plus increases ROI

Cultivators Use Boveda, the original terpene shiield

“With all the effort you put into this crop, protecting that quality in the last step.”

– Jason Arnold, Henry’s Original, Director of Cultivation

Stop Losing Terpenes, Water Weight and Revenue 

Only with Boveda can cannabis businesses solve ALL THREE of these post-harvest humidity control problems by: 

  • Creating a terpene shield to protect terpene profile, aroma, flavor and a consumer’s experience
  • Maintaining RH properly with 2-way humidity control
  • Preventing overly dry flower, mold and mildew

Find out more about using Boveda with your cannabis and hemp flower.