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Who’s the P-I-G Champion? Caldwell Cigars vs. Gagner | Ep. 72

Basketball and cigars! It’s Miami vs. Minneapolis. 6′ 6″ vs. 5′ 10″. Home-court vs. on-the-road. Watch who comes out on top in the legendary basketball shooting game, P-I-G as Box Press host, Rob Gagner takes on Caldwell Cigar Company Founder, Robert Caldwell. Recorded in Miami at the cigar maker’s home.

  • Who makes the roundball shots that the other can’t match?
  • Who’s penalized by getting a letter?
  • Who reveals TMI? Cigar fans, find out which boy is a P.I.G. Pig. (And why you should never fly with Robert Caldwell.)

6 Minutes of Fun for Fans of Basketball and Cigars and Bizarre Airplane Habits

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This is Box Press.
That’s how good I am.
Get out of there.
Air ball.
Oh, it’s getting closer.
I’m gonna get him from back here.
Oh, that’s in.
Just a little more.
Are we playing now?
He’s got P. If you get a letter, you gotta answer a tough question.
But I ask you also.
No, not until I get a letter.
So my toughest question to you would be who have you pissed off that will never forgive
you in the cigar biz?
Everyone knows that answer.
Christian Eiroa.
And he won’t forgive you?
Ask him.
You asked me a question and I answered it.
All right.
Now I get to go…
He lives right down the street.
You guys aren’t friends?
I don’t answer some questions, but if you, if you drive down Old Cutler, he’s down there
on the right.
Getting better.
Can you do moving shots?
Yeah, but it doesn’t count as that.
It just counts as…
I missed the easy one.
I’m winning!
You got P, I. Okay, um, tough questions, tough questions.
We got any tough questions?
What is the most disgusting habit that you have have and if people knew it, they’d be
like ew?
I pee in the sink on airplanes.
You pee in the sink on airplanes?
Don’t fly with Caldwell.
You try to be my size and get in an airplane, you can’t.
You can’t.
Like there’s no way to use it, so you just pee in the sink and wash it down with some
That is so gross.
Ask, ask any tall guy.
Ask, go ask every tall manufacturer.
There’s a couple more.
Do you pee in sinks in bathrooms here, like…
No, there’s no need.
The thing is you get on an airplane and there’s no way to like pee.
But then there’s a sink there and it’s like…
Because it’s too, because the thing…
Only those.
Like if it’s a regular toilet, I pee in the toilet.
Well, why don’t you just sit down?
I’m not from Minnesota, man.
I’m from fucking Miami.
Man, you haven’t made a shot yet!
Oh, shoot.
I just said you hadn’t made a shot.
I still want to see the door shot, though.
I almost made it.
Almost is not good enough.
Where is that going?
I’m blaming my shirt.
Way off.
Put him out of his misery!
That is P-I-G.
That is P-I-G.
That was awesome.
What’s your final question?
Final question?
When you met your wife did you know you were going to marry her or did you think no way?
No way.
No way?
I didn’t want to marry her.
She didn’t want to marry me.
We didn’t want to get married.
But you’re married.
Why get married then?
It was the only way we could be together because she’s from Spain.
We’re in love, two different continents, but you gotta, you gotta do something.
Love it.
Yeah, so we got married.
I forced her.
She was here and then I just said, like either we get married or we’re done.
Because it wasn’t, we just back and forth, long distance, didn’t make any sense.
And I didn’t want to.
And then I got married in my apartment.
And I didn’t invite anybody.
Just the justice of the peace?
My friend, Rachel that got ordained and then that was it.
And then coincidentally my little sister was going to be in town and another friend, so
they were like the witnesses.
Like I didn’t tell my mom, my other sisters.
Why not your mom?
Was your mom pissed?
I don’t know.
I Facetimed her.
What’s the relationship between Robert Caldwell and his mom?
And she wasn’t pissed?
I think she was all right.
I’m her son, she knows me.
My sisters were pissed.
The ones that didn’t come.
You have two sisters?
And a brother at all?
So, it’s three sisters and one boy.
And you’re not gonna ever have kids?
So the Caldwell Legacy?
My daughter named her daughter Caldwell because she knew I’d rather die before I had kids
or never have them.
So the first name is Caldwell of her daughter…
…to carry on the family name.
Good solution, huh?
Yeah, I like it.
That was awesome.
I just played basketball in Robert Caldwell’s place…
And beat me!
And I beat him with a zero from Robert.
I have zero letters.
Robert has P-I-G.
It’s over.
You can play H-O-R-S-E, but who wants to do that?
I’d just rather beat him quicker.

Video Highlights of the Most Revealing Game of P-I-G EVER:

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