Boveda Captures Excellence in Products in the 2018 GreenState Cannabis Awards

Boveda is officially EXCELLENT! (Insert air guitar here.)

GreenState editors and writers granted Boveda the excellence award for exceptional performance in the cannabis industry. GreenState is the digital cannabis media site for the San Francisco Chronicle.

CEO Sean Knutsen



Sean Knutsen, Boveda CEO:

 “We are passionate about maximizing people’s enjoyment of their passions–it’s our whole purpose as a company. To be recognized as an industry best is an absolute honor. Being a GreenState Award winner will expose many more enthusiasts to the benefits of well-humidified cannabis.

 Boveda is so good for cannabis in so many ways. It reduces the potential loss of terpenes by as much as 15%, it eliminates canoeing, it takes away any harshness that people experience when smoking dry flower and it helps lock in the aroma that is sometimes lost by damaging fluctuations in humidity.” 



Boveda is one of the first recipients to receive a GreenState Cannabis Award. These new awards are a best-of guide for the cannabis curious, including:

  • Boomers revisiting cannabis
  • Young couples looking for the next artisanal trend
  • Senior citizens looking for health solutions


Today, 21 percent of the U.S. population live in a legalization state, one-in-eight
U.S. adults say they smoke marijuana, and 88 percent of cannabis consumers
consider themselves part of a new cannabis culture–identifying as social,
sophisticated and professional individuals.


How Boveda makes sure your buds are excellent, too:

  1. Boveda uses ingredients that don’t affect the aroma or taste of flower
    Pure water and natural salts are used to keep flower properly hydrated.
  2. Boveda turns any airtight container into safe storage for cannabis
    Mason jars, plastic tubs, CVaults–just toss in Boveda. Its 2-way humidity control adds and absorbs moisture to achieve and maintain a precise RH for herbal flower—between 58% RH and 62% RH.
  3. Boveda keeps the herbal flower fresher, longer–up to a year
    Both cannabis producers and consumers can store their buds safely for a long time with Boveda. Flower stored in an airtight container at the proper moisture level with Boveda showed no detectable degrading after 12 months. Talk about preserving potency!



Congratulations Buena Vista and CVault!


Best New Pre-Roll, Buena Vista
2018 GreenState Cannabis Awards

Buena Vista

Voted best pre-rolls, Buena Vista uses only strain-specific, whole-flower, NorCal bud sourced from artisan cultivators. Wrapped in unbleached Dutch cones, these premium rolls trust Boveda to preserve their exceptional potency, flavor and aroma. Buena Vistas are packaged with Boveda inside a mini sealed humidor bag. Boveda’s 2-way humidity control keeps Buena Vistas fresh from the first roll to the last.


Accessories, CVault
2018 GreenState Cannabis Awards

CVault Container

Boveda shares the honor of Excellence in Products with CVault. (Pros and home grows in the know pair us up all the time anyway!) Together with the power of Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control, CVault containers keep cannabis in a true state of freshness. CVault’s food grade stainless steel containers are airtight and impenetrable by light. Master curers and cannabis enthusiasts swear by CVault for curing and storing. And Boveda does, too.


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