Customer Story

Boveda for Trim?!

A producer in Humboldt feels strongly that even trim needs proper storage in order to retain the terpenes right up until processing. Here’s what he says about using Boveda for trim:

“Trim and extract material exposed to humidity causes’ moisture to be absorbed in the material, resulting in extracts that deteriorate faster. Deterioration reduces extract efficacy and value to the manufacturer, the consumer, and every other link in the supply chain.

Placing a few Boveda in bags of fresh trim helps to create full flavored extracts with mouthwatering terpene profiles.”


Humboldt, CA

Product deterioration is bad business for anyone’s bottom line. Whether preserving top-shelf, premium bud, or using Boveda for trim to hold on to terpenes for processing, when cannabis exposed, it’s vulnerable. Evaporation doesn’t just equal water loss—the vital terpenes that give you product it’s unique flavor profile, heady aroma, and powerful potency are lost as well. 

Close the gap between your losses and profits, and increase consumer confidence. Store and package your product with Boveda to see the difference.

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A cannabis cultivator is trimming buds. Use Boveda for trim for the most efficient and reliable way to keep your trim in top shape for processing.