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Boveda makes brown sugar soft and ready when needed

If anyone has ever baked or been in a typical family kitchen, you’ve experienced less than desirable brown sugar, right? We all have gone to pull the brown sugar out of the cupboard and BAM! It’s hard as a rock or all clumped together. That’s because it has lost all or most of it’s moisture.

Domino Sugar, a leading manufacturer of sugar, says the biggest reason why brown sugar has shelf life issues is evaporation. Moisture is the main component for having supple brown sugar. For storing brown sugar, Domino Sugars recommends a cool moist place or in a container that’s then stored in a another air-tight container. Seems like a lot of work to have inexpensive brown sugar ready when you need it.

Well, that’s where Boveda comes into the equation and Boveda has the easiest and best way to ensure you have “game ready” brown sugar. It’s so simple it’s hard to believe. Simply place a Boveda 69% packet within your existing or storage container, close it up and you will have months of moisture management control for your personal brown sugar. For less that $4 you can save yourself time and headaches when you need brown sugar for your cooking and baking needs.

Q. Why does brown sugar harden and how can it soften?
A. Brown sugar becomes hard when moisture in the sugar evaporates. For this reason, the various methods used for softening brown sugar intend to return moisture to the sugar.