Boveda Terpene Spotlight: Limonene Terpene

Terpenes Matter in Cannabis

You go into a dispensary, where do you start? Ask about a flower’s terpene profile. Terpenes are the backbone of great cannabis. These molecules are responsible for the plant’s unique flavor, aroma and effects. Just as important as the cannabinoids THC and CBD, terps drive a consumer’s experience. There are several prominent cannabis terpenes. Each terp has a distinct taste, scent and outcome.

So decide why you’re buying cannabis. What effect or relief are you looking for? Then find the right terpene for the job.

In this month’s Boveda Terpene Spotlight, we explore the limonene terpene. Beloved by the cannabis community, this prominent terp boasts a delicious perfume as well as pleasurable effects. Want to know more? You’ll have to read on!

Limonene terpene chemical compound

What is Limonene?

Also found in lemon rinds, orange peels, rosemary and fennel, limonene is a popular terpene in both cannabis and in everyday life. Several products around the home contain limonene terpenes—think fragrances, shampoos, soaps, window cleaners and wood polish. Its citrusy sweet smell imbues visions of sipping lemonade on fresh-cut grass. Fruity but not quite tart, limonene is a favorite among consumers thanks to its approachable and inviting bouquet and uplifting effects.

Every cannabis cultivar (AKA strain) contains a variety of terpenes, cannabinoids and other active ingredients. According to, limonene typically makes up around 2% of the chemical makeup in the cultivars it’s found in.

If you’re using cannabis to relieve anxiety, treat inflammation or reduce pain, cultivars with a prominent amount of limonene are the ones to seek out at your local dispensary.

Limonene Terpene Info Graphic

Which Cannabis Strains Contain Limonene?

While myrcene remains the most prevalent cannabis terpene, limonene is found in a wide variety of cultivars. The limonene terpene is frequently found in strains like White Fire OG, Strawberry Banana, MAC, Do-Si-Dos, Lemon Haze and Berry White.

The majority of cultivars containing limonene are hybrid or sativa-leaning but the terp can also be found in indica-dominant strains. Prior to a dispensary purchase, ask your budtender about terpene content to make sure you’re buying products rich in limonene.

How to Prevent Limonene Terpene Loss in Cannabis

Limonene is a highly sought-after yet volatile terp. Since terpenes play such a crucial role in how cannabis affects you, protecting it from evaporation is a must. In fact, did you know 40% of cannabis terpenes are lost within one week of storage?

Luckily, preserving limonene and other cannabis terps is possible by using a terpene shield from Boveda. Simply place a terpene shield inside your container to create a monolayer of water molecules that form around the plant trichomes. These are the white crystals covering the bud—and they just so happen to be where the active ingredients (including terpenes) are. This monolayer will lock in the terpenes, preventing you from losing them forever, and saving them until you grind your flower to smoke or vape!

Discerning cannabis consumers know their terpene preferences—and how important it is to protect them. Get the most out of your cannabis and the limonene within by always storing bud with a terpene shield!


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