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A few months back I wrote an article: about these crazy little Boveda humidity packs come packaged with cannabis orders from a legal LP.  Fast forward to today and I now promote this product to anyone and everyone who will listen because I know that Boveda adds value to my life. 

Now that I’m a legal home grower, I use Boveda to cure my harvest. To keep my home grown medicinal cannabis fresh, I also store my flower with Boveda. One benefit of home growing my own herbal medicine is the opportunity to produce more medicine than I can use daily. (Good problem to have as a cannabis patient.) So I store extra cannabis with Boveda. The terpene shield that Boveda creates protects the healing properties inside trichomes until I’m ready to consume my medicine.

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Heres How to Store Buds to Keep Them Fresh

Save terpenes! Store cannabis in CVault airtight containers with with Boveda humidity packets.
How a CVault Takes Care of Cannabis: A CVault® container is an easy way to keep flower fresh. This air-tight container keeps buds out of the light. Adding a Boveda humidity pack maintains an ideal moisture level for buds that creates a terpene shield to protect all the good stuff in herbal medicine.

Back in the day, smokers kept their stash wherever it would be safe. I remember helping a friend tear off squares of foil to wrap one gram nugs in so she could ration her use. Foil doesn’t keep anything fresh—especially not cannabis!  But as we age, we learn. As we better understand cannabis, we see the value in preserving buds in air-tight bags or containers, like a CVault®.

Cannabis begins to degrade the minute its cut down

First to go is the moisture and depending on the aridity in your drying room, some of the plant’s natural lipids will degrade as well. Suspended inside these lipids and waxes in a structure known as a trichome are terpenes, aromatherapeutic compounds found in nature. Terpenes are what make the flower stink so sweet, sour, or as pungent as body odor! Tests have shown that when cannabis is left to over-dry, it can lose up to 15% of its terpenes.

Hazards to Not Storing Cannabis with Boveda

Destroying terpenes is just one hazard caused by over-drying cannabis in storage. A few of our beloved cannabinoids have an acid attached to them in their natural form. The bond joining that acid to the rest of the molecule is very weak. Over-drying can cause the acid to break off prematurely, which can increase the sedative effect of cannabis.  Once the acid breaks off, the flower’s THC-a converts into THC. Further degradation can convert THC into CBN or cannabinol. CBN is insomnia’s nemesis.


What’s the Fastest Way to the Right RH in Cannabis Storage?

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Here’s How to Save the Terps, Before They Evaporate

Opening a fresh bag or bottle of the Goddess’s gift to humanity is one of those really great moments in life. Wouldn’t it be great if the last nug of the bag or the bottle were as terpene-rich and pungent as that first nug? 

Based on ASTM International cannabis standards, I keep my medicine in the safe zone between 58% and 62% relative humidity (RH). It’s easy to maintain the ideal RH for cannabis with Boveda humidity packets.

Here’s How to Save the Terps, Before They Evaporate

Achieving that RH sweet spot keeps my buds fresh much, much longer. Boveda adds as well as absorbs moisture as needed to maintain a precise RH that’s perfect for cannabis. Through a reverse osmosis membrane, Boveda emits pure water vapor to add moisture to parched buds or pulls in any extra moisture via a saltwater solution. The water and salts are as natural as the plant products Boveda strives to preserve.

I’ve personally been using Boveda for many months to bring back life to some of that less-than-fresh producer cannabis I receive. With Boveda, the smoking or vaping experience is a step above. I can actually taste those natural compounds in my exhale. 

Recently, hundreds of budtenders, growers, packagers and consumers compared cannabis samples stored with and without Boveda.

97% of Boveda Challenge participants preferred to smoke bud preserved by Boveda.

Cannabis is a valuable commodity and most of us will do anything to preserve it for as long as it’s in our possession. Boveda makes preservation possible.

Dianna Donnelly

– Dianna Donnelly

Dianna Donnelly is a cannabis educator, blogger, and freelance writer living in Kingston, Ontario. She counsels new patients on the safe and effective use of medicinal cannabis and believes that with enough time, cannabis, and coconut oil she can heal the world.

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