Boveda Wins Best Cigar Accessory Award—2020

Each year with its Cigar Trophy Awards, Cigar Journal honors the great knowledge, dedication and hard work of those working in the cigar industry. Deciding which cigars, accessories and lounges should be acclaimed the best of the year, however, does not fall to a jury, but to the most important actors in the branch, the consumers.

The award winners were determined in a two-stage process. During the nomination phase, the public selected possible candidates in the various categories. The resulting shortlist was then voted on. We are delighted about the continued strong growth of our readers’ interest in participating in this decision-making process.

Boveda was awarded the 2020 Cigar Journal Magazine’s “Best Accessory” award for 2020.

Sean Knutsen, Boveda CEO said “We’re grateful to receive the recognition as the best accessory…and many thanks must be extended to all of the manufacturers that helped put us on the map by trusting our technology to power their packaging, and to the retailers that help educate consumers on why Boveda’s technology is different than competitors.”