CVault: The Gold Standard for Cannabis Industry Professionals

Join the cannabis industry businesses and begin using the CVault. As an industry professional, you already know the importance of quality wholesale cannabis supplies. The CVault protects the integrity of your cannabis for longer, whether you are a grower, producer, retailer or user. Get the CVault dispensary containers wholesale: great for storing and curing cannabis, selling to customers and even transporting! You need the world’s smartest curing and weed storage container. No thinking required!

The Industry Standard 

Industry professionals love to buy CVault wholesale! See for yourself on Instagram where tags from companies like Aqualab Technologies show off an impressive collection of the best weed storage container for sale while also offering giveaways for customers to get their very own CVault. Start stocking up on our collection and tag us for a valuable opportunity to gain followers and increase engagement with a giveaway. Everyone wants a CVault!

Increase Profits 

As a business owner, profits are probably at the top of your mind. Even if you didn’t start your cannabis industry business for the sole purpose of making money, it’s definitely a goal and means to an end to keep your business alive. When you buy CVault dispensary containers wholesale, you get access to bulk pricing that comes at a discount. Use our suggested retail price for the best opportunity to profit or choose your own price that fits your business needs. No matter the type of cannabis industry business you have, there’s a CVault that your customers are going to love.

A Greener Experience

We’re all working together to do our part for the environment…or at least we should. Disposable packaging from cannabis wholesale supplies can be detrimental to the environment, not to mention how much it can impact the integrity of your cannabis. It’s time to start offering a greener experience with your green products. The CVault provides an eco-friendly way for you to transport and store your cannabis products before they go out to customers! When you use our products in your business, it’ll make marketing to customers even easier. Make sure they know how much more environmentally friendly CVault containers are compared to plastic trash bags, etc.

Branding Opportunities 

Can’t get enough of your brand? We get that! That’s why we offer unique white labeling opportunities for our wholesale customers. When you place an order, you have the option to brand your CVault products so they fit in perfectly with your lineup of products. Work with our professionals to provide them with your logo, a favorite phrase or any other branding that you typically push to customers. 

This is a great opportunity when you’re trying to build a bigger relationship with your customers! When you sell them a branded CVault, they’ll think of your business every time they dig into their stash. CVaults are also a great option for packaging cannabis in deli-style states.

Cannabis Industry Networking

When you buy CVault wholesale, you’re getting so much more than a simple product that your customers will love. We’ve worked hard to become known in the cannabis industry, and we want the brands we work with to become household names! We regularly feature brands that offer Boveda products on our social media channels and right here on our website. This creates more visibility and allows you to build lasting connections within the industry. Let’s talk about how we can feature you and your business!

Sizes to Suit Your Needs

Whether you just opened up a small dispensary in a newly legal state or you’re running a multi-location production operation, there’s a CVault that will work for your standard operating procedures (SOPs). We know the importance of having wholesale cannabis supplies that suit your business needs, and that’s why we have so much to offer. If you’re selling cannabis directly to customers, choose a variety of personal sizes from half-ounce to two-ounce to offer your customers in addition to your other cannabis supplies. 

If you’re a larger operation selling products to other cannabis businesses, purchase the cultivator CVault dispensary containers wholesale to add on to your orders or to use internally! With sizes ranging from a quarter-pound all the way up to two pounds, there is a CVault container that will suit yours or their business needs.

Sell and Use 

Not only can you offer your customers the CVault for sale, but when you purchase dispensary containers wholesale, you can use them in your day-to-day business as well. Become familiar with the products so you can help your customers make their purchase. Using CVaults in your dispensary for deli-style storage will also build trust with your customers.

Buy Cannabis Dispensary Containers Wholesale

From viral Instagram accounts to cannabis corporations and small businesses in the industry, everyone loves the CVault. Start offering your customers unique branded and high-quality CVault containers for their weed now! Learn more and sign up for free to get wholesale access.