How to Store Concentrates

Legalization of cannabis is sweeping the country, and recreational use more than medicinal use has opened the marketplace to allow cannabis technology to grow by leaps and bounds. It used to be the only choice one faced was indica or sativa — out of a pipe, a bong or a joint. Look at the market now! The plethora of available product types, including those derived from cannabis extraction, is amazing! Flower, vape, tinctures, topicals, edibles, supplements, drinks and of course, cannabis extracts, aka concentrates. And the paraphernalia and accessories have developed right along with them, in particular, the concentrate storage containers.

Cannabis Concentrate History

While marijuana concentrates have only recently become mainstream, the earliest evidence of them goes back more than 12,000 years. Cannabis and hemp plants, which are indigenous to India and Central Asia, may be among the earliest plants to be cultivated by humans. In Japan, cannabis has been harvested since the pre-Neolithic era for food and fiber used in items like rope, clothes, shoes and paper, but also for medicinal purposes and psychoactive material.

Cannabis extraction became popular in Asia during the 19th Century, as cannabis extracts were introduced as an alternative to alcohol. At the time, nearly all extracts were considered “hashish” or “hash” because they were made by hand with vigorous rubbing. As the 20th century approached, however, modern extraction methods were introduced, and cheap, widely available vegetable oil was born. Suddenly, cannabis tinctures and medicines were being used to cure illnesses, relieve pain, combat nausea, prevent seizures in infants, and were even used as anesthesia for dental procedures.

Cannabis Extraction Today

Despite their effectiveness, marijuana prohibition stifled further efforts to develop cannabis oils and extracts for almost any purpose. But after Canada became the first country in 2001 to formally regulate the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, an article appeared in the publication “Cannabis Culture” detailing a Canadian man’s series of refining processes with which he created “budder” hash oil. Almost overnight, products began appearing in the market, taking advantage of his and similar processes. By 2009, high-quality concentrate “budders,” “waxes” and “saps” were widely available in dispensaries, and only a year later “dabbable” products debuted at the High Times Cannabis Cup. Cannabis extraction had come into its own.

What are Concentrates?

Most of us are familiar with juice concentrates; those cans of frozen OJ your parents stored in the freezer and just added water. Cannabis extracts are similarly “concentrated,” and cannabis connoisseurs appreciate the higher purity and greater cannabinoid levels. Cannabis concentrate can be used to describe any product derived from the cannabis plant that is processed, with or without solvent, into a form that contains all the terpenes and cannabinoids that occur naturally within the flower without the excess plant material. Solvent-based extract products are typically called terms like wax, budder or badder, CO2 oil, distillate, shatter, sugar, live resin or sauce and no-solvent extracts are usually described as kief, rosin, dry sift or bubble hash. 

Consuming Cannabis Extracts

The most common methods of consuming cannabis extracts include:

  • Bowl topping: Add concentrate to traditional cannabis flower by sprinkling some on top of the bowl of a pipe or bong. It’s a great way to enjoy the effects without overdoing it and it’s easy and is ideal for concentrate newcomers.
  • Twaxing: Same concept as bowl topping, where a small amount of concentrate is mixed in with flower, but this time it’s rolled into a joint or blunt.
  • Vaping: Add concentrate to a vaporizer, whether it be a desktop vaporizer or a portable vaporizing device like a vape pen. The concentrate is added into the chamber, and the device turns it into vapor.
  • Dabbing: The most common method of consuming cannabis extracts involves a “dab rig” — a device made for dabbing. Dab rigs usually resemble small bongs and are specifically and specially designed to smoke concentrates via water vapor. The concentrate is heated with a torch upon a very very hot surface which is referred to as a “nail”.

Concentrate Storage Containers

Does weed go “bad?” Cannabis concentrates producers and manufacturers need to reliably store and potentially even transport their products. Improper storage or accidents can ruin cannabis extracts. Too much humidity can lead to your concentrate growing mold or mildew. Too much heat can lead to burning the terpenes, making your concentrate harsh and lacking aroma. Too much light can break down the cannabinoids and allow your concentrate to lose its potency — which is probably the reason you purchased the concentrate in the first place! And there’s also a risk of contamination due to environmental factors such as dust, bugs, pet hair or other foreign substances that can make your concentrate gross to look at and unappealing to ingest.

There is a lot to consider in the search for how to store concentrates best. Happily, while the technology to produce concentrates has been developing, so has the technology for secure and sanitary concentrate storage containers! And that’s where EVault comes in.

How to Store Concentrates

The patented EVault from Boveda protects powders, oils or concentrates in a perfect environment for your extract so that it will retain its terpenes, potency and weight for longer than you probably thought possible. If you were searching how to store concentrates, you are in the right place. EVault concentrate storage containers have a sleek, clean and modern appearance and are incredibly easy to clean. When it comes to concentrate storage, Boveda has always been ahead of its time. The EVault is manufactured from 316 surgical-grade stainless steel, with an incredibly sturdy latching system that makes spillage virtually impossible. Latch eyelets allow for tamper-resistant, zip-tie security and easy tag-labeling.

And now, introducing the all-new and improved EVault by Boveda! Check out the new features:

  • Increased thickness that makes it more resistant to cold and heat and allows for a higher degree of polish
  • A new Silicone seal that retains elasticity in both high and low temperatures, and resists corrosion
  • Seamless interior that makes it even easier to clean and collect product remnants
  • Three new size options perfect for packaging, collection and storage: 3 liters, 7 liters and 21 liters
  • Nesting ability within one another for minimal storage footprint and efficient shipping

If you are already an EVault lover, get ready to fall in love with the new EVault redesign. Treat yourself to the best cannabis extract storage system available on the market today! Don’t put your expensive products at risk with lesser containers. Protect your oil with an EVault, the best concentrate storage containers.