Women’s History Month: Shout Out to Female Cannabis Cultivators

March is all about women. Women’s History Month commemorates and encourages the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. And specifically on March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day, a global day that recognizes the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and calls to action the continued acceleration of women’s equality.

Despite the many and varied challenges, from small-scale home growers to large commercial operations, women are breaking down barriers in an effort to be present everywhere decisions are being made. But still, women are underrepresented in the industry at all levels. A recent MJBiz report found that the number of women in cannabis leadership positions decreased from 2019 to 2022.

Women — moms, sisters, aunts, daughters — deserve recognition and support every day, but we are taking this opportunity to shout out some of our favorite female cannabis cultivators in North America. We admit this list is woefully short relative to the many amazing women growers in the cannabis industry, so please share the love! Add your favorite female cannabis cultivators in the comments and show them support through purchases, social media love and more!

Noelle Albert of Meowy Jane in Maine

Noelle Albert is the co-owner of the medical marijuana caregiver company Meowy Jane. Albert describes herself as a clinically insane cat lady who fell victim to her husband Joe’s nerd charm. After completing her degree in psychology, she joined him in his mad PURRsuit of cannabis mastery. Meowy Jane carefully selects premium cultivars to grow, and all of their medical cannabis flower has passed rigorous testing for potency, flavor, appearance, smell and effect. Meowy Jane strains are grown under full spectrum LEDs to increase terpene profiles and THC content.

Since the start of Meowy, their philosophy has been simple: cats are awesome, cannabis is awesome, be kind, always. Albert and her husband have grown an incredible team of lovely humans who share their vision, ideals and dedication. They love what they do and their goal is to convey that sentiment to every person Meowy serves. If you have the opportunity to visit Portland, Maine, you must add Meowy Jane to your itinerary.

Dr. Jade Stefano at Puffin Farm in Washington

Dr. Jade Stefano is co-founder and CEO of Puffin Farm, grower of iconic and award-winning sungrown strains like Hindu Kusk and the fabulous strain-specific infused Trifecta pre-rolls in Washington state. Stefano holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in cannabinoid therapeutics and psychedelic psychotherapy, and she is on the board of directors of the Washington Sun and Craft Industry Association, the largest cannabis trade group in Washington.

Stefano regularly speaks on the topics of cannabis medicine and sustainable cannabis cultivation. She provides advising services for people seeking to develop sustainable organic cannabis production and processing operations worldwide. Stefano is continuing her studies of psychedelic psychotherapy at the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and has completed the AIMS Institute ketamine-assisted psychotherapy provider training. Wow! Next time you’re in Seattle, make it a priority to hit a dispensary that carries Puffin Farm.

LaToyia Rucker at Calyxeum in Michigan

LaToyia R. Rucker is COO and master grower at Calyxeum in Detroit who proudly shares industry knowledge and her experience as a female in cannabis. Rucker is an entrepreneur, educator, native Detroiter and one of the first females to co-own a medical cannabis clinic. She is also the founder and owner of Kid Fit Childcare Centers with two metro Detroit locations. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and two master’s degrees, in education and in early childhood education.

Calyxeum is a female, minority-owned operation located in Detroit with 10 years of experience in Michigan’s growing cannabis industry. Calyxeum seeks to redefine the myths of the cannabis consumer and change the perception of cannabis in the professional world. Calyxeum represents women, community, diversity, opportunity and empowerment. Shop their Women’s History merch sale and make it a point to try their edibles, flower and concentrates next time you’re in the mitten.

Shayla Cabrera of Tia Planta in New Jersey

Shayla Cabrera is the founder and CEO of Tia Planta, a woman-owned and operated Jersey City plant shop providing educational plant workshops, industry seminars, plant repotting and plant styling services and more. Cabrera’s love for the community and vision to support fellow women led to the formation of two nanny staffing agencies and a nanny network that is one of the most active job boards in Jersey City.

After many years of “plantrepreneurship” and a rigorous application process, Cabrera became one of New Jersey’s first black females to win a license for recreational cultivation. Fully licensed and getting ready to grow, with the vision to create social equity by providing and prioritizing employment to minorities and those negatively impacted by the laws. My goal is to create programs for those socially impacted and those who have been involved in drug-related convictions to help them redeem their lives.

Lindsey Renner of Native Humboldt Farms in California

Lindsey Renner is the owner of Native Humboldt Farms and is fully integrated into the California recreational market. She’s a 25-year cannabis advocate and has been growing outdoor sungrown cannabis for 15 years. As a member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes of Northern California, she uses natural and indigenous farming practices to grow craft cannabis and is always looking out for the best interest of the consumer. Vertical integration allows her the ease of pivoting to combat the volatile regulatory structure and market in California.

Renner was one of the first 250 companies, one of the first 10 women, and the first enrolled tribal member to be licensed in California Jan. 1, 2018. She is currently consulting with Tribal Nations to help write local and national ordinances to ensure the sustainable and successful rollout of the Tribal cannabis market. She highly emphasizes regenerative cannabis and food agriculture. Renner’s mission is to help support a regenerative supply chain from Humboldt County to the Bay Area, as well as restoration efforts within Tribal communities. She sees cannabis as a catalyst to support the regeneration of Tribal communities throughout the nation, and she is working diligently to help facilitate that vision. Lindsey is an instructor at Cookies University and partnered with Cookies Enterprises on their Humboldt Grown Initiative.

Laurel Dineff of Bedford Grow in Illinois

Laurel Dineff founded Bedford Grow in 2014 with the mission to give patients a viable alternative to prescription medication for safe and effective relief and to help improve their quality of life. Bedford Grow is a female, family, locally owned, owner?operated, independent cannabis cultivator in Illinois, producing premier products for both medical and adult use.

Bedford Grow is driven by the same compassionate spirit and desire to help people live their best lives by embracing innovation while adhering to the highest standards of product quality. Their indoor grow space is fully automated with lighting and watering systems that guarantee the ideal cultivation environment. Every plant is grown in coco coir potting medium from seed to ensure no foreign genetic material, invasive pests or pathogens are present, enabling BG to produce stronger plants, higher yields, increased potencies, appealing aromas, and unique cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles. Next time you’re in the Windy City or surrounding areas, stop by a dispensary that shelves Bedford Grow.

Marianne Cursetjee of Alibi Cannabis in Oregon

Marianne Cursetjee is the co-founder and CEO of Alibi Cannabis in Oregon, a self-funded, top-shelf cannabis company. As a cancer survivor inspired by how a cannabis product eliminated her need for more than 10 drugs to combat side effects from chemo prescriptions, she bought property in Oregon, started a cannabis farm and became a cannabis expert. At Alibi Cannabis, Cursetjee developed the business strategy, operations, commercialization, systems and processes and scaled to deliver impressive revenue growth.

True excellence is art, science and a bit of magic that comes from a phenomenal team. At Alibi, quality matters! Alibi cannabis is grown with decades of passion, experience and attention to detail while producing unique strains that are slowed cured for a consistent high. As a woman-owned company, Alibi Cannabis offers top shelf cannabis at affordable prices. Alibi is a must when visiting Colorado.

Jan Cole of The Farm in Colorado

Jan Cole is the founder and CEO of The Farm in Boulder, Colorado, one of the industry’s oldest and longest running vertically integrated cannabis dispensaries. The woman-owned small business was built on the foundation of good midwestern values and is led by a diverse staff of passionate cannabis enthusiasts. Cole is also the founder of Hummingbird Cannabis Company and ZolTrain, and she has a background in cannabis entrepreneurship with a focus on advocacy, business strategy, operations, marketing and education.

The Farm has served Boulder County for more than 10 years, and they are deeply involved with sponsoring and taking part in local community empowerment. The Farm retail stores hearken back to a simpler time of Americana, classic rock and smoking great weed as the sun sets over the mountains. The Farm creates a communal safe space for cannabis-lovers to procure everything they need to consume Colorado’s finest buds. Ski trips and mountain summer getaways are not complete without a pit stop at The Farm dispensary.

Bridgette Bethke Pinder of Grounded Gardens in Minnesota

Bridgette Bethke Pinder is a hemp farmer, producer and the owner of Grounded Gardens in Minnesota. Grounded Gardens mission is to create and produce small batch, healthy, sustainable, handmade CBD products. Through organic farming practices, their hemp is ethically grown and compliance tested from seed to shelf and farm to table. Grounded Gardens makes products from all-natural ingredients, fresh pressed full spectrum CBD rosin and more. This gives Grounded Gardens complete control over what goes into their farm and products. Grounded Gardens supports the Minnesota Grown program and the ingredients not farmed by them are sourced as locally as possible.

Genevieve Newton at Stewart Farms in New Brunswick

Genevieve Newton is the head grower and director of cultivation at Stewart Farms. With a background in social work and nonprofits, Newton jumped into the cannabis industry and quickly discovered her social work skills including crisis management, relationship building, positive leadership, project development and strong communication would serve her well. She manages the Stewart Farms aquaponics facility in St. Stephen and four partnered micro-cultivation sites in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Newton has won multiple awards for craft cannabis strains like Daily Grape and she spends her free time teaching, mentoring and consulting others in cannabis cultivation, infusions and consumption. She is an impassioned believer in growing for business and pleasure and has grown more than 300 different cannabis cultivars. Newton is helping to create safe places and safe communities for cannabis industry workers and enthusiasts. Visit their website to find a Stewart Farms retailer by province!

Female Cannabis Cultivators

This list of some of our fave female cannabis cultivators is short, but it doesn’t have to be! Who did we miss? Who should be included in a feature profile on women in cannabis? Drop names and URLs in the comments! Support female growers and women in the cannabis industry!