Humidity Control for Weed

Cannabis is an exquisite plant. It’s capable of providing an array of experiences, from helping a medical patient thrive, to providing a relaxing way to unwind. Potency can be lost over time. To ensure the full effects, it’s important consumers take measures to keep their weed fresh.

Three easy ways to keep weed fresh:

  1. Control the temperature
  2. Avoid exposure to light
  3. Control the humidity

Light and heat break down cannabinoids, so cannabis buds should always be stored in a dark place at ideally around 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity control for weed is also crucial. Without it, cannabis could develop mold or dry out quickly. This poses some major problems for both medical patients and recreational users alike. But how exactly does the environment factor into your cannabis experience—and can you change its natural fate?

Read this deep dive to discover more (and learn how and why Boveda keeps weed fresh).

How long does cannabis stay fresh?

Generally speaking, it’s typically a good idea to consume the cannabis you buy within about 6 months. However, you can extend your bud’s shelf life by storing it with 2-way humidity control packs in air-tight cannabis containers. Some home growers tout that their weed has stayed fresh for 3 years using Boveda!

How does humidity affect my cannabis?

When most people think of humidity, they think of the weather. Hot and sticky climates like Florida have high humidity percentages, while dry deserts like Nevada are low. However, it turns out that humidity is also a significant factor in weed storage.

Humidity affects cannabis in several ways. If the environment is mucky, buds get overly moist, leading to moldy cannabis. On the other hand, arid conditions suck the moisture out for your weed, making it burn too quickly. Neither situation is ideal, and when it comes to keeping bud fresh, a proper weed storage container is only part of the equation. 

Fluctuations in humidity can also negatively impact the terpenes in your weed. These are compounds in the plant responsible for the rich aroma, delicious flavor and potent effects you know and love. When the humidity is low and cannabis dries out, the terpenes evaporate. This leaves your stash stale and harsh to smoke; you may even miss out on the full potential of your high. Read more here to learn more about why your cannabis is at risk even in an airtight weed storage container.

What is the correct humidity to keep weed fresh?

The humidity sweet spot for storing cannabis is between 55% and 65%. This guideline was established by ASTM International, a respected trade organization responsible for setting the rules and regulations for various industries. Interesting cannabis trivia, but how do you keep weed within that ideal range?

How can I control humidity in my stash?

Good news! You definitely can control humidity in your weed storage. Boveda humidity control packs for cannabis are the easiest way to ensure your weed is always at the right levels. These convenient and all-natural packs slip right inside your jar or bag, quickly bringing the container to the proper humidity. The conditions are kept stable, even if the outside environment changes.

What’s the best way to store cannabis?

There are Boveda packs and containers for all types of stashes. So whether you have an eighth or five pounds (or anything in between), you’ll be protected.

Jar of cannabis with boveda inside
A Boveda in your jar keeps your stash fresher, longer, and brings dry bud back to life!
 The CVault keeps out light, and maintains an airtight seal. The Boveda inside ensures an ideal humidity level.
1/2 ounce Boveda Fresh bag
Take humidity control for weed on-the-go with the NEW Boveda Fresh Bag

How does a humidity control pack work to keep weed fresh?

Humidity packs for weed made by Boveda give off moisture or take it in, depending on the need. Watch the video to see how it works:

Humidity control for weed: easy and essential

If you’re a fan of cannabis, you know the difference between top-shelf and trash. While many things can factor in your weed’s quality, humidity is one of the big ones. Humidity can mean the difference between quality smoke—and a terrible time. 

Fortunately, you can control humidity in cannabis storage. By consistently using Boveda humidity packs for weed in your airtight container, you can be sure that your stash will always be its best. No matter where you are or what the climate is, you can keep weed fresh with Boveda.


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