How California’s Hyperwolf Delivers Fresh Weed To 200K

What can’t you have delivered these days? The California weed market is uber-competitive. Even more so for companies that offer weed delivery. Those thriving, like Hyperwolf, deliver the goods along with the green. The goods being rich aromas, robust flavors, and consistent effects. Hyperwolf delivers on all counts by protecting the terpenes in its house flower with a terpene shield. Quality control is vital for this operation which currently brings fresh weed to over 200,000 people.

What Is A Terpene Shield?

So what exactly IS a terpene? It’s a specialized type of humidity pack patented by Boveda designed to protect your cannabinoids and terpenes. The result? Weed is always fresh, and never dry or moldy.

For Hyperwolf, a California-based delivery provider and brand of top-shelf bud, excellence is all that matters. While the company is headquartered in Lake Elsinore, it services over 200,000 people throughout Southern California. Keeping quality consistent in changing climates can be a challenge for companies that package cannabis without a terpene shield. No matter where they live, Hyperwolf ensures its customers enjoy a full-spectrum cannabis experience every time.

“We want to be the best, we believe we are the best, and we want to continue being the best,” Jake Telo, Founder of Hyperwolf, declared.

Fresh Weed Delivered From Hyperwolf

Telo co-founded Hyperwolf in 2015 after two previous failed attempts at licensure, never giving up on his mission to deliver quality bud. His background in telecom offered a unique perspective on sales and marketing for the fledgling cannabis marketplace.

Offering a wide variety of products, including in-house flower and specially curated partner brands, the firm disrupts the current “middleman” status of its competitors by acting as both the storefront and the courier pointing to Amazon as an example.

“We strategically choose and vet partner brands that offer high-grade products at an everyday affordable price point,” Telo said. “We truly believe that offering an everyday low price and quick and reliable delivery times with amazing customer service is what the people deserve.”

On A Mission

The company uses complex logistics technology to ensure there are no service delays or hiccups despite the massive geographical sales region, referring to Hyperwolf as both a technology business and a cannabis business. Telo half-jokes that his dream would be to have Jeff Bezos acquire the company, bringing cannabis fully mainstream.

But with a deep passion for the plant and an understanding of how important it is for their customers, the team at Hyperwolf will stop at nothing to bring quality to the people – their true focus.

“Our culture is deeply rooted in cannabis,” he explained. “We started in this industry with a mission: To provide safe and easy access to the medicinal cannabis plant. Since then, we have grown into a convenient and simple way for people from all walks of life to obtain a consistent product for both medicinal and recreational uses.” 

Preserving Terpenes Enhances Cannabis Experience

Working with those familiar with flower and those new to cannabis gives the staff an opportunity to educate, as well as dispense. Cannabis is complex medicine. One whose healing benefits quickly degrade when providers forgo protecting flower with a terpene shield.

“Currently, one of our big focus points is educating clients on terpenes and on the important role they play in enhancing a consumers’ cannabis experience,” said Telo. 

Cannabis stored without a monolayer experiences significant terpene evaporation immediately.  Unprotected flower can lose up to forty percent of cannabis terpenes in only one week, taking with it aroma, taste, and effects. 

In such a competitive market, Telo knew he couldn’t risk aroma and flavor loss in Hyperwolf’s top-shelf cannabis. To preserve the quality and distinctive flavor profiles of Hyperwolf’s signature strains, the company uses Boveda, the Original Terpene Shield™.

“The cost that it takes to implement that item into our product is well worth it for the consumer in the long run,” he said. “We’re going to continue doing it forever. It’s super important for us at this point.”

Boveda keeps weed fresh
Terpene shields are used for bulk back-end storage along with consumer packaging

Saving Every Last Terp for You to Enjoy

Once cannabis is dispensed and delivered, successful cannabis companies continue to protect the quality and potency of their herbal medicine. Knowing his customers would likely take several days to weeks to finish their cannabis, Telo wanted to be sure their first smoke was the same as the last.

“It’s actually crazy how long our flower can stay fresh inside of our custom retail containers!” Telo exclaimed. “Most people buy an eighth (of cannabis) once every two weeks, so what happens to their flower once it’s been opened and sitting around for two weeks? It becomes dry! Terpene shields allow us to sell a product today and ensure the preservation of terpenes for 60+ days.”

No other cannabis humidity pack on the market can provide full-terp protection. These terpene shields create a monolayer shield of purified water around the trichome. This protective shield prevents terpene evaporation, which in turn preserves the taste, aroma, and effects of Hyperwolf’s cannabis. Telo understands the devastating effects unchecked humidity can cause including the loss of up to forty percent of cannabis terpenes if stored incorrectly.

Telo explains: “Here’s what happens when your cannabis becomes dry: The terpenes are destroyed during the process and that is a big problem. Cannabis terpenes and THC content play a 50/50 role in the experience you have. I use this analogy and I hope everyone can make sense of it: THC is the gasoline you fill your vehicle up with, terps are the GPS system that tells you where you’re going.”

Using the 58% and 62% RH humidity control packs, Hyperwolf adheres to ASTM Cannabis aW Standards, which state humidity must remain between 55-65% to prevent mold and preserve cannabis quality.

People Want Their Terpenes

Hyperwolf is among a growing number of premium cannabis companies that understand and embrace the critical importance of terpenes.

Choosy consumers can recognize when their flower provides a full-terp experience. In a recent study, 94% of consumers preferred cannabis preserved by Boveda over flower stored without a terpene shield.  Better smoke, better flavor, better experience.

“We believe in cannabis itself and how important it is to better the quality of so many of our lives,” Telo added.

Hyperwolf fresh weed
Packaged eighths kept fresh with Boveda

Wherever Hyperwolf Flower Goes, Terps Stay Safe with The Original Terpene Shield

Protected by the original terpene shield, Hyperwolf’s flower can go the distance, from San Francisco to LA and everywhere in between. With nearly a dozen unique cultivars under its belt (and more in the works), its cannabis terpenes are safe, as well as always within the ASTM Cannabis aW Standards, and reliably preserved until ground by consumers. Telo can’t praise the technology enough.

“We truly believe that it does provide a higher quality end product for the consumer. Terpene shields are one of the most necessary products within the cannabis market!”

Save the Terps

To find out more about The Original Terpene Shield, and its wholesale opportunities email or click here. Learn more about Hyperwolf and its cannabis products here. And follow Hyperwolf on social media @hyperwolf.


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