IG Live Q&A: Smoke and Toke Atlanta

Smoke and Toke is a premier CBD store located in Atlanta with a huge presence on Instragram. We went live with Kev from Smoke and Toke and talk about being in retail during a pandemic, the importance of keeping weed fresh in a CVault, where to get cool stuff in ATL, travel plans, and everything else under the sun!

So, if you guys are in Atlanta, check out Smokea and Toke. Do you guys have a couple smoke shops out there? 

Yeah, we have two now. 

So Smoke and Toke, if you’re in Atlanta, be sure to check them out. They have some killer products. So, tell us about Smoke and Toke? How long have you guys been around? Where are your locations? 

Yeah, Smoke and Toke is a 10-year old brand, located in Gwinnett and there’s two of them. So we got one in Duluth, closer to the city and one in downtown Lawrenceville down by the “noth.” 

So 10 years, that’s impressive. 

So, this is the newest store that we’re at right now. We have a cooler, a cigar, the disposables, new tile wood floors. It looks great. CVaults in their own case, displayed beautifully. 

We have some swag on the way, so I’ll be sure to send you some shirts and some hats. We got some cool stuff coming out. So, how’s business been since the pandemic? Did you guys have to close? I feel like a smoke shop is essential if they’re going to make a liquor store essential. 

So we have a really good team – shoutout to Katie [in the background at the register] and then all smiles every day so we gotta keep it clean. We wipe it down all day every day, following the CDC guidelines. We have our masks off right now because we’re on live, but we have our masks on when taking care of customers. [Katie shows a custom Smoke and Toke mask]. New merch is going to be here soon so everyone’s gonna love that. 

So what type of glass do you guys carry in there? 

It’s all USA-made custom glass. This one’s from Colorado [shows a glass piece and a customer walks in]. We have three different cases of custom glass. We have some love from Chase glass, Loki, Marney, Fuggs, Crux. Some fun ones and tall ones and short ones. Then, the custom bangers. 

If you guys need any of this, you already know where to go if you’re in the Atlanta area. Out of all those sick ass pieces, which one’s your favorite? 

Probably this one [shows a Louis Vuitton-style piece that matches his shorts]. It’s got a plant and it’s from Green Bear. 

Somebody did an all-over Louis V print in the CVault and it looked dope. I was jealous, I need one of those. 

Y’all need to get on that. 

So, since everything’s been going crazy, what has been selling the best right now? 

Definitely CBD. In all forms. The tincture, the vapes, the edibles. 

People are stressed out, it makes sense. 

It makes sense. We’re here to help and educate too. 

So you guys are knowledgeable about it? 

Yeah, a good match with CVault is always the flower. CBD, the joints, the prerolls. Dragonfruit CVB, Gas House is popular. And then we have the tinctures, they do really good, it just goes under your tongue and you go on with your day. And then we got the gummies. These gummies are cool. 

I’m glad you guys are supplying the people with what they need. 

Yeah, it’s a blessing. 

What do you think the future holds for cannabis in Georgia? Years ago, CBD never would have been there and it’s already popping off there, so what do you think is next? 

I think in like the future, it’s going to be good here because they’ve legalized the CBD so far so it’s a good sign we’ll have legalization in the upcoming years. 

Shoutout to Kwanza Hall. He was Zone 6 representative for Atlanta. He was pushing for a medical program and it’s getting some traction. Hopefully, we’ll see something out there happen soon. 

For sure. They’ve done some progress with the medical part for patients who are seriously needing it. There are only some places in Georgia that offer that, but it’s prescribed. Recreational is definitely next. 

It needs to be everywhere. It’s just a plant. 

America is about progression so hopefully, they’ll hop on that soon. 

We gotta strive for that especially when you see how much money it can bring in the right ways to places that are open to it. It’s ridiculous. Oklahoma’s making hella money because they embraced it and they know how to grow shit. It’s the same in Georgia, too. There’s hella land in Georgia and people know how to grow things. It only makes sense that it’s going to bring things into the state. 

Maybe we can turn one of these locations into a lounge so that people will be comfortable with it more and have some downtime with people who are knowledgeable about it. That would be cool. 

Any travel plans for once the world gets back to normal? 

So, Europe is canceled right now, right? I hope to go to Paris one day after this after this thing ends…with a CVault in my bag. 

Go up on the Eiffel Tower? 

Yeah, with a bag and a nice little CVault stash in my carry-on. 

That’d be sick. Kevin and I go way back, I used to have a clothing store in Atlanta and Kevin and I were talking the other day – we realized we had met each other there. So obviously, you’re about fashion so Paris makes sense for sure. 

It would be fun. You just show up in the airports a little bit and everyone’s like dappered up, it’s cool. 

I’m gonna ask you this question, we like to close out with this question because it gets everybody thinking. I love everybody’s answers, they’re very different every time. If you could blaze up with any three people – alive, dead, fictional, whatever – who would it be and why? 

[Katie chimed in to help answer these]

  • Snoop Dogg for sure. 
  • Cheech and Chong for sure.
  • I don’t know if Elvis Presley was a toker, but that’d be cool
  • And we’re gonna go ahead and add two more, you guys on the West Coast

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