Things You Need for Safe Traveling with Weed

Travelers have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get out there again after the COVID-19 pandemic. With precautions slowly lifting in some places, a diverse range of travelers are making plans to hit the road (or tarmac) to their favorite travel destination. Can ya blame them? It’s been a tough year, after all. An influx of travelers means more consumers will be looking for discreet ways to travel with their new favorite legal herb. Whether you plan on traveling by plane, or train, you’ll want to make sure that your stash is camouflage. Plus, if you’re traveling brings you to a U.S. airport, many prevent you from carrying lighters or matches in carry-on bags. From cannabis travel kits to scent-proof flower containers, let’s look at what you need for safe traveling with your stash! The items below (including car weed containers) are known by cannabis connoisseurs to help ease the traveling experience for today’s conscious consumers and are essentials for your weed travel kit or weed car container. 

Must Pack Essentials


Only the dabbers out there will get it. There are certain utensils needed to dab your favorite cannabis wax and you’d hate to bring your wax and rig but forget necessary items like the “dabber or poker”! When penning your “must pack” list, be sure to include a bag with all necessary but often forgotten tools like a dabber/poker. Luckily they make travel-sized and portable dab rigs for your travel enjoyment but if you’re packing your daily rig, be sure to also pack your tools! 

Rolling Papers/Tips

There’s not much worse than realizing that you forgot to pack rolling papers and tips after hitting the road or checking in to a getaway. Yes, for years many have allegedly used a page from the popular holy book often found in hotel nightstands, but let’s be honest, papers are paramount! To solve this unique pothead problem, we suggest putting a fold of 5-10 rolling papers in your wallet. The paper is super malleable and will contort into any shape for easy hiding. This way, you won’t go to hell for using bible paper; and, if you absolutely must, you can use any brown paper bag or undyed cardboard as a tip. 


What Stoner leaves the house without a way to light their weed? Not too many, we get it. In order to make sure you’re not that guy, or gal, pack not one, but two lighters. We like to keep an incense matchbook in our stash bag, too. These matches act as a light and as an odor eliminator for those smoking or dabbing in places where they’d prefer not to attract attention. The aroma can be an attention grabber while traveling, so the match stick that burns into an incense is a win-win. 

Stash Boxes & Cannabis Travel Containers

Due to various restrictions, you’ll likely be looking to conceal and protect your weed. Boveda’s brand new CVault “twist” line are the perfect “on the go” personal cannabis storage containers (don’t forget your humidity pack too). CVault’s user-friendly “twist” design features a new 3-nub locking system and redesigned pack holder. Portable, sleek and built for all of your travel adventures, the stainless steel CVault is the travel stash box for the people! It’s the only cannabis travel container of its kind on the market. Order our newest xsmall “twist” that holds a quarter-ounce for more discreet travel! Or check out the small “twist” that holds a half-ounce for longer trips!

Keep Your Weed Travel Kit Safe (& Legal), Guys

Despite many U.S. states having some form of medicinal or recreational cannabis, it’s important to know that interstate travel with cannabis, between U.S. states, is still federally illegal. Be sure to check your state’s official website for the current status on traveling with weed products. 

States like New Jersey have recently come out with an official statement that travelers at Newark Liberty Airport, in Newark, NJ, will allow up to three ounces of flower without criminal charges. While progressive states like NJ, NY, CA, CO, and OR have reported that they will not be charging or seizing personal use amounts of regulated cannabis, know that leniency is not the standard or written in law. Travelers going across state lines are still at risk of being arrested for possession!

We hope this post helps fellow cannabis consumers make a “what to pack” list for their next getaway. Safe and happy travels from Boveda!

Boveda manufactures the renowned CVault, the world’s smartest cannabis curing and storage container, which also happens to be perfect for traveling. Shop our personal CVaults and find the size that’s right for your next adventure!