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You retire. Ditching that daily alarm affords you some extra time to indulge in your hobbies. One of those hobbies is herb. You begin to pick up that your cannabis changes from day to day. It’s not as fresh as the day you bought it. Not as potent. Not as aromatic.

So you invent a bright, shiny new way to keep cannabis from degrading. Thank Gary Swanson for brainchilding the world’s smartest cannabis curing and storage solution, the CVault. Double thank him for integrating Boveda into the humidity controlled storage container. Well made, sir.

Unlatch the vid to hear why CVault is the way to take care of cannabis:

“The World’s Smartest Curing and Storage Container. No Thinking Required!”

Light is to cannabis as dawn is to a vampire.

An early study showed that exposing harvested cannabis to light destroys cannabinoids. So what’s with storing flower in see-through mason jars and sandwich keepers? Unless you keep these makeshift cannabis containers in a light-free zone, your nugs are in jeopardy, baby.

Cannthusiast turned canntrepeneur, Gary Swanson invented CVault as an easy way to keep cannabis fresh by keeping it in the dark. And keeping buds in an airtight, humidity controlled environment.

“But here’s the reality, the CVault is the car, the Boveda is the gas.”

Gary Swanson in ERB Magazine

What’s the most effective way to save the terpenes?

CVault and Boveda benefits

How Cannabis Patients Can Keep their Medicine Safe and Potent

Not every cannabis patient learns how to properly store medicine. Instead, the patient might get buds in a bag, keep buds in a bag then store that bag in a bright humid bathroom. YIKES! Plastic bags are for short-term storage of small quantities of cannabis. And a warm, humid bathroom creates a ripe environment that nasty microbes love. Mold growth makes buds unsafe to consume.

Conversely, a dry environment is also harmful to flower. Trichomes become brittle and break off—and so goes their therapeutic value. Plus terpenes evaporate.

Best to transfer cannabis into a CVault with Boveda to block light and keep flower at the optimal relative humidity level to preserve potency long term. Flower stored with Boveda doesn’t have that harsh chlorophyll taste either.

Move your medicine. See it in action! The medium CVault protects up to 24 grams of medicine. (Looking for something a little cozier for your cannabis? Check out the small CVault to house a mere 12 grams of herb or less.)


Cannabis kit for growing at home.

After patiently tending to their crop—through veg, flower, harvest, trim and dry—home growers want a more precise way to protect their hard work. The airtight environment in a CVault allows buds to fully develop their unique chemical profiles, leading to higher potency of therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes. Proper curing determines the flower quality more so than any other factor.

Cure and store like the pros. Everything home growers need to perfect their craft—including expert advice and humidity packets—is in the BOVEDA HOME GROW KIT.


Sure, flower looks well-sheltered in glass jars. But if overhead and natural light can degrade product, why do dispensaries display strains in see-through jars? A shelf of  shiny stainless CVault containers looks super sleek and keeps product perfectly potent. Plus CVault containers stack easily to maximize shelf space.

CVault Dispensary

Safe for sale in CVault. Dispensaries can reduce cannabinoid degradation by limiting light exposure to cured flower.


When Gary invented CVault, he believed personal-sized cannabis containers were the big idea. Why would anyone need to store large quantities of flower? (That was before legal rec.)

Bigger demand means bigger yields. Large-scale cultivators must maintain an optimal freshness zone for their large harvests by carefully controlling temperature, relative humidity level and light exposure.

Careful control means establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for employees processing cannabis. SOPs translate to safe, consistent product. And safe consistent product leads to loyal customers.

“CVault gives the grower an SOP for creating consistency in the finished flower,” Gary said.

2-Liter CVault

Ready-made cannabis SOPs with CVault. CVault commercial sizes are available for curing, storing and transporting large quantities of product.

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