Use Boveda? Half the Manufacturers Featured in Cigar Aficionado’s Top 10 Do

By now you’ve likely seen Cigar Aficionado’s 25 Best Cigars of 2012. What you might not know is that half the companies on the Top 10 use Boveda in their packaging.

Arturo Fuente

Along with many of their other cigars, each box of Rosado Sungrown Magnum R Vitola Fourty-Four from Arturo Fuente contains the trusted 2-way humidity control you’d expect from a leading cigar brand. From the DR to your door, every box with Boveda inside has been ideally stored.

Nat Sherman

The storied brand is releasing a new product for 2013, Nat’s Point Fives, petit hand-rolled cigars in boxes of five. In each box of Point Fives is a 4 gram 69% Boveda, inserted at the Honduran and Dominican factory. It’s there to guarantee a stable 69% humidity throughout distribution and months of merchandising outside a tobacconist’s humidor.

Romeo (Altadis)

This cigar giant will be rolling out various products with 4 and 8 gram Boveda inside. This includes the H Upmann 1844 Reserve Aperitif  Again, since small cigars are best merchandised outside the humidor, they needed months of guaranteed 69% humidity.

Rocky Patel

Boveda is in various forms of Rocky’s Decade, Sungrown and Vintage samples, along with the Edge.


For years, every No. 88 Sampler you’ll find an 8g Boveda 69 — it’s the only way to guarantee the flawless transportation of your treasures ready to smoke in pristine condition.

Notice a Pattern?

Cigar manufacturers only trust Boveda to ensure the best possible experience when customers try and enjoy their products. Without Boveda’s moisture control throughout distribution, you can’t be sure you’re enjoying your cigar the way the master blender intended.

Look for the 2-way Humidity Control badge to see what Boveda can do for your cigars. Use the chart below to choose the product that’s right for you.

Choose the right RH for you. Use Boveda to store and age your cigars the way you like them