What to Know About Being a Cannabis Tester

If you’ve ever wanted to literally smoke weed everyday for a living, here’s the blunt truth: someone is out there already living your dream. While a marijuana tester job may seem impossible to find, a cannabis sommelier is a real career. But having a weed tester job isn’t at all about getting backed and Postmates-ing your favorite Taco Bell combo. Rather it’s a technical job that requires experience, qualifications and adherence to strict standards and compliance requirements. We did some digging to learn more about the elusive cannabis tester job.

What is a Cannabis Sommelier? 

A cannabis sommelier is so much more than someone who sits with a bunch of strains in front of them and chooses their faves based on how badly they get the munchies, how strong their bong rips were and how smooth the hits were (but, to be fair, those are things that might go into the consideration). Like the wine sommelier, a cannabis tester uses a unique set of skills to pick out key notes and elements of cannabis products that make them unique. The sommelier tries cannabis through different delivery methods and has the ability to translate this data into usable information that cannabis cultivators can use to then perfect and market their brand. 

Qualifications for Marijuana Tester Jobs

Having experience in cannabis is a plus for sommeliers, but having experience in the culinary or fragrance industries can be an even bigger asset to those who are seeking cannabis testing jobs. Getting qualified is often simple and requires an individual to meet compliance requirements that are similar to growers and dispensary workers in the cannabis industry. While the job market for testers is limited right now, with growing cannabis legalization across many states, the future is looking bright for the position. Even though it’s not required, some college-level cannabis education credits may be helpful for those interested in a cannabis tester position. 

Salary for Weed Sommeliers

If this job has you so hyped that you’d pay them to do the work, you’re in luck. While most cannabis testers are not at the top of the food chain in industry-related jobs, the salary for most is comparable to those who are in similar entry-level positions. Thrillist reported on one cannabis testing job that makes $36,000 per year. 

Additionally, cannabis sommelier hopefuls have the potential to pave their own way in the industry. Instead of working for a specific company testing different strains, sommeliers have the opportunity in many different states to act as a sort of guru to those who are new to the world of cannabis. This allows sommeliers the freedom of working on their own and acquiring their own clients who they can walk through various strains and methods of smoking.

How to Find Cannabis Testing Jobs

You could be lucky enough to stumble upon an online job listing for a cannabis sommelier or weed tester position, but it’s not very likely. The best way to find a cannabis testing job is to make connections in the industry. The cannabis industry growing and relies on little connections adding up to meet the big-picture demands of the industry. Visiting cannabis business conferences and making connections with those who are a part of the industry seems like a solid strategy to score a marijuana tester job. Good luck! Boveda is proud to be your source for two-way humidity control packs and cannabis storage education.