Why CVault Works and Other Storage Containers Don’t

We are currently living in a period of unprecedented access to marijuana in the United States. In 40 of our Nifty Fifty, cannabis is legal for medicinal use and in 23 states, recreational usage is allowed as well. As more and more states pass legislation with every election, more and more people recognize weed as a legitimate plant medicine with major health and wellness benefits. Not only is it amazing how easy it is to find cannabis now — the quality of today’s cannabis is unparalleled. The exponential growth of the legalized cannabis industry has meant more money and more brain power being poured into product research, resulting in a multitude of new and powerful strains with higher potencies than ever. While the ganja smoked by the hippies back in the ’60s usually contained THC levels of less than two percent and rarely exceeded five percent, today’s flower can easily contain THC levels of 25 percent or more, and concentrates, edibles and oils may clock in at as high as 90 percent THC. If you are a cannabis lover who is enjoying all of these changes for the better, let us ask you this: Since you can now legally get much better quality, why are you still storing cannabis in an outdated way? Let’s discuss cannabis flower storage solutions!

Cannabis Flower Storage

Pot is beautiful and powerful, but it’s also very delicate. If stored properly, your buds can retain quality and freshness for as long as two years! But if stored improperly, it can degrade quickly and lose the taste, aroma and potency that you chose it for in the first place. Here’s how environmental factors in boutique flower storage can affect cannabis:

  • Light. Just as the sun can fade the siding on your house, it can also reduce the potency of your pot by draining the very chemicals that give you that good high. Cannabis needs to be protected from both house lights and sun exposure.
  • Air. Having too much oxygen can cause your pot to get prematurely stale. The same can happen from having too little oxygen, too. The perfect flower storage solution limits air while still allowing for airflow.
  • Moisture. Too much moisture not only causes spongy bud; it can generate mold. Too little moisture and you end up with dry shake. Just like Goldilocks, you need a flower storage system that can maintain a weed humidity balance that’s just right.
  • Temperature. Again, this is all about getting it just right. Too much heat speeds up the degradation process while too much cool can damage fragile trichomes and crystals, causing your pot to have a shelf life way shorter than you would want or expect.

What To Avoid in Your Flower Storage System

Cultivators and manufacturers have worked hard to produce the best quality cannabis for you. Retailers have done what they could to get the most potent, high-quality products they can into your hands. And now what? You’re just going to drop the ball by not giving any thought to how you protect your weed once you get it home? While the dispensary packaging may look nice, it isn’t designed for long-term product protection. When it comes to cannabis flower storage, don’t use:

  • Plastic. Plastic is only acceptable for short-term storage. While dispensary packaging or plastic bags may be convenient, they are ineffective at preventing environmental damage. Plastic can negatively affect your flower as it can leach chemicals, encourage sweating which can lead to mold and carry a static charge that can fry your beautiful, succulent trichomes. When it comes to using plastic bags or containers as flower storage solutions, just say no.
  • Glass. It’s better than plastic, we’ll give you that. And a mason jar can be retro-cute and all. But glass doesn’t protect your weed from the detrimental effects of light. Not to mention, glass can shatter. This makes glass not only a poor choice for storage, but a poor choice for travel as well, as the last thing you want to have to do is pick glass shards from your buds.
  • Aluminum. Foil is intended for leftover food, not buds. It might be suitable as a mediocre flower storage system if you leave it untouched, but any actual movement can cause the foil to bunch up and scrape off those trichomes. Tobacco tins and aluminum containers don’t seal tightly enough to maintain the proper humidity level and they can actually alter the taste of your weed.

Stainless Steel Containers for Weed Storage

Proper storage is critical to maintaining your cannabis’ quality. But there’s no need to strain your brain in an effort to protect your investment and keep your pot tasty and delish. Boveda has revolutionized the game with the best flower storage solutions around — no thinking required! It’s a no-brainer to use CVaults and EVaults to create a perfect environment for curing and storing your cannabis products.

CVault Flower Storage Solutions

For the best in boutique flower storage, choose the CVault, the world’s smartest humidity-controlled cannabis stash container.

This stainless steel container for weed storage surpasses all other material choices when it comes to marijuana containment. Manufactured from 304 food-grade stainless steel, it manages all the elements to create that perfect Goldilocks environment for your buds. CVaults have thick silicone rings for a reliably tight seal and a multiple-latch design to lock in product freshness.

CVaults feature a wide-mouth opening for easy access and a sleek opaque design that protects their contents from light, offering an aesthetically appealing look that you won’t want to hide. But while the CVault’s got beauty, it’s also got brains. CVaults, along with their included Boveda packs, do the perfect job of keeping your flower at an ideal and constant humidity that not only increases cannabis’ lifespan but can even revive old product!

Available in personal sizes to hold anywhere from one ounce to a quarter pound, with two smaller “twist” designs that contain a quarter ounce to a half ounce for the ultimate in on-the-go protection as well as combo packs for premium options at premium savings, there truly is a CVault for everybody and every need.

EVault for Cannabis Flower Extracts

For the finest in extract storage, choose the EVault, the ultimate secure and sanitary storage for distillates, isolates, oils and powders. Just like its predecessor, the CVault, the EVault is top-of-the-line in stainless steel containers for weed storage. The EVault is made from the highest quality material for extract protection, medical grade 316 stainless steel.

EVaults are available in three-liter, seven-liter and 21-liter sizes with seamless interiors and nesting capabilities for the most minimal storage footprint possible. An evolution in plant extract containment, these beauties protect delicate terpenes and ensure product weight of those hashes, waxes and concentrates that you love to enjoy and want to keep potent for as long as possible. From protecting liquids to fine powders, EVaults are the superior choice.

The Best Boutique Flower Storage

When it comes to cannabis extract and flower storage solutions, the award-winning containers from Boveda are second to none. CVaults and EVaults provide maximum product protection and extend shelf life for longer than you’d ever think possible, and are more affordable than you might realize when you consider that they’re built to last for years. In just a few clicks, you can see for yourself what all the buzz is about by ordering a Boveda cannabis storage solution of your very own.

Boveda. Nothing else even comes close.