2022 Weed Accessories Gift Guide for Girls and Guys

The holidays are right around the corner, and what better way to let your loved ones know you want them to be happy and high than a stocking full of cute weed accessories? From cool new cannabis gadgets to tried and true classics, we put together a solid weed gift guide with weed accessories for guys and girly weed accessories for everyone on your list who loves bud.

Girly Weed Accessories

Flower by Edie Parker is a colorful line of cannabis collectibles for anyone who loves the cannabis plant. Imagine your favorite one-of-a-kind pendant doubles as a discreet pipe. All items are perfectly quirky, useful and made of high-quality materials — practical and cute weed accessories. Flower’s fruity one-hitter borosilicate glass necklaces come in all your favorite sweet treats, including cherry, strawberry and banana.

Does your kief queen have a flair for all things glamorous and cannabis? Vida Kush is a Los Angeles-based, POC woman-owned jewelry company with an entire line of Mary Jane-themed pieces. Pearl anklets, gold Bobby pins, nose chains and chokers are just a fraction of the stunning collection. 

So many women are constantly on the go, and finding convenient ways of fitting cannabis into their daily lives can be a struggle. Puffco’s Travel Glass is the prime portable rig for any busy dab queen to enjoy, with its water-tight lock design keeping your device ready to use without needing to refill. Coming in beautiful colors like ribbon pink, ultraviolet and royal blue. 

If she likes to smoke flower, Blazy Susan’s Pink Pre Rolled Cones are a perfect girly weed accessory sure to make her smile. She can skip rolling and start smoking, as these cones are low maintenance, easy to fill and get the job done right. Vegan and perfectly pink, they make a great gift for any smoker who enjoys a joint that’s both quick and cute. 

Her Highness NYC has crafted a gold girly weed accessory to elevate the joint smoking experience for bold women. The Snake in the Grass Joint Holder Ring allows the wearer to smoke, talk and linger without having to touch the joint. Perfect for younger women who like to puff and pose in style with cute weed accessories.

Weed Accessories for Guys

Do you have a man in your life who’s constantly traveling and loves cannabis? We’ve got some dope weed accessories for guys — LFG!

Honeybee Herb created the Rig/Bong Travel Kit, which includes a seven-inch silicone rig featuring a honeycomb-designed percolator for optimal diffusion, a removable bottom for easy cleaning, a male quartz banger, glass flower bowl, a silicone carb cap and metal dab tool. Bring your herb or concentrate, or pick some up in your destination, and something to light it with to portably enjoy cannabis. (Pro tip: store your stash in a CVault “twist” — perfect for on-the-go cannabis storage.)

Another great gadget for guys who love their flower is the King Palm Electric Dry Herb Grinder. Designed with ease in mind, this electric grinder is speedy at blending up your dry bud with just the click of a button. This time-saving tech is an essential weed accessory for guys, and it comes with a USB-C charger, cleaning brush, and an extra jar so you can sit back and let it do the sticky work for you. 

For the gentleman who enjoys the finer things in his home, like modern artworks on display,  Heir’s Waterpipe will be appreciated. Sleek, shiny and designed for elite filtration and fast cooling, a smooth hit is guaranteed every time.

If your kush king enjoys the classic joint, head to Vibes Papers for all things rolled, wrapped and sealed. Cultivated and crafted in France, then brought to the Dominican Republic to be cut and kitted, Vibes features a variety of blends and sizes all custom-watermarked and made with the highest quality materials. Vibes keeps the smoking experience at the top of mind with papers, cones and tips, as well as accessories and swag to boot.

Where is he going to ash his fresh joints, blunts or cigars? Look no further than Beamer’s Silicone Ashtray with Holding Slots, a funky spin on the classic square poker tray he knows and loves. Designed with three different size holders, this tray doesn’t discriminate on his preferred poison of the night. Likewise, the holes along the perimeter are perfect for placing dab tools, matches and other smoking accessories. Coming in both psychedelic and solid colors, this durable ashtray will be enjoyed all year round.

Happy Holidays from Boveda!