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As of January 1, 2018, the entire West Coast is now legally cannabis-country. (Hello, California!) Let’s check in with its neighbor to the north, Oregon. Since 2016, Oregonians 21 years and older have been legally able to possess and use recreational cannabis. Hear how evolving cannabis laws continue to affect cultivators, retailers and all points in between. Get a look behind the scenes at a company that does it all–Nectar, the biggest cannabis grower in Oregon.

Brian Samore of Nectar

Decriminalize Cannabis Then Work Together to Fine-Tune the Law

Two years into Oregon’s legal rec cannabis law, Brian Samore, Director of Operations for Nectar and N.W. Cannabis Trading Company said, “We’re figuring it out just like the government is figuring it out. And we’re doing it at the same time. Together, we’re doing a pretty good job getting through those hurdles.”

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), Oregon’s cannabis governing body, sometimes turns to Nectar, an industry leader for advice, Brian said.

Nectar—what’s all the Buzz About?

Nectar is one of a few Oregon-owned and Oregon-grown companies. Under the Applegate Valley Organics subsidiary, it runs six cultivation facilities throughout the state. Nectar produces high-grade flower using sustainable-growing techniques to bring out the best in each of its 20,000 plants. Other vendors turn to Nectar for product because it’s the biggest cannabis grower in Oregon.

Looking for an Oregon dispensary? Nectar has 11 dispensaries throughout Eugene, Portland and Salem. (By the end of 2018, Nectar is scheduled to open eight more locations, including one in Beaverton.)

Inside a Nectar dispensary, you’ll find an extensive variety of flower—80 strains, minimally. Nectar budtenders help patients make informed choices and connect them with the best deals on flower in Oregon. Herbal medicine patients and rec users can also shop for bubble hash, low-dose edibles, topicals, locally sourced paraphernalia and concentrates.

Brian explained, “Whereas other people provide 4 or 5 extracts, Nectar has up to 100 extracts available at our dispensaries. Nobody else in the market can get anywhere close to that.”

Throughout Oregon, herb consumers are getting a safer, more consistent product from legal producers, like Nectar. While providing cleaner, higher quality flower, cannabis professionals are innovating the industry, creating earth-friendly growing practices and bringing in revenue for Oregon. 

How legalization helps a state

 According to The Oregonian | OregonLive:

“the first distribution of The Oregon Department of Revenue paid out $85 million in marijuana taxes for schools, public health, police and local governments. (The state put $9.56 million toward the OLCC’s “start-up costs” for regulating the industry and toward the Department of Revenue’s work to collect the taxes.)

“The rest was divvied up according to a formula spelled out by law:

  • State school fund got 40 percent, or $34 million
  • Mental health, alcoholism and drug services got 20 percent, or $17 million
  • Oregon State Police got 15 percent, or $12.75 million
  • Oregon Health Authority got 5 percent or $4.25 million”

How LEGALIZING cannabis creates jobs

A growing industry like legal rec cannabis produces new opportunities. There are jobs for everybody who touch the flower–from seed to sale. Currently Nectar employs more than 250 people. Among Team Nectar are expert growers, master curers, educated budtenders and many more passionate and dedicated members.

Nectar employees working with cannabis.

Cannabis careers are sprouting up in legal-rec states, like Oregon. Professionals are turning their backs on traditional industries in favor of plant-touching companies. Cannabis producers are drawing in horticulturists, operations executives, retail experts, finance managers, marketing gurus and more.


Cannabis Companies Trickles Down to Other Industries

From plastic tubs, glass jars and light bulbs to sticky notes, labels and office supplies, cannabis producers need to set up the biz and keep it running. In other words, they shop, just like us.

And cannabis cultivators and purveyors can’t do it alone. Just like any other industry, a cannabis company reaches out to other professionals to support its business.

Jobs that support legal cannabis producers, include:

  • Commercial real estate agents
  • Irrigation specialists
  • Lawyers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Retail architects
  • Interior designers
  • Packaging designers
  • Writers
  • Printers
  • Global leaders in 2-way humidity control (Hey, that sounds like Boveda.)

HOW big-scale producers USE boveda

“Next to our people, our product is the most important thing we have.
Boveda is an opportunity for us to preserve the 58% humidity of our flower.”
– Brian Samore, Nectar

“We use Boveda, the moment our flower shows up in our totes. The totes are airtight but at the same time, they may be a little moist still or dry,” Brian explained. “So before we even get to the [bud] bucking process, we’re using Boveda to maintain or equalize that humidity level that we’re seeking.”

Bud bucking.

“So six days from now, six months from now, it’s the same quality. It’s the same moisture. It’s the same feel, it’s the same sound, it’s the same touch as when it was first jarred,” Brian said.

“The moment Nectar is jarred, Boveda is inside,” Brian said. “… it’s a signature of what we do.”

Boveda and cannabis at Nectar.

Flower protected by Boveda retains 15% more terpenes and cannabinoids than cannabis stored without Boveda’s 2-way humidity control

Ask your friendly, neighborhood budtender to package up your flower with Boveda. In a matter of hours, your herbal medicine can dry out—even in a sealed medicine bottle or zip-closed bag. Why? Therapeutic terpenes micro-evaporate into your herb’s head space (the air inside). Boveda slows the terpene loss with its precise, 2-way humidity control.

Dispensary doesn’t carry Boveda? BYOBoveda! (Then email the name of the dispensary to us at, so we can put the squeeze on.)

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