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This is Our Craft | Sky High Gardens

Just steps from Starbucks® headquarters in an urban industrial center in Seattle, sits one of the largest permitted grow operations in Washington state–Sky High Gardens. The cultivator grows big while staying true to craft growing techniques that yield superior flower. (After all, Sky High Gardens did start out as a co-op garden for medicinal cannabis patients.)

Now cannabis connoisseurs look to Sky High Gardens for full and flavorful buds in a rainbow assortment of exotic strains. You’ll feel as if you won the golden ticket as Boveda takes you up and away through Sky High Gardens.

What programs cannabis plants to produce thick, sticky buds? Watch and find out!



Veruca Salt of Willy Wonka
No Veruca–just salt and pure water vapor keep your stash fresh with Boveda 2-way humidity control.

Think Willie Wonka with grow lights. Sky High Gardens’ cultivation facility is indeed a factory. A factory that produces cannabis. A lot of cannabis.

Annually, Sky High Gardens harvests 1,000 pounds of flower, according to Phil Seda, Director of Operations. Thousands of plants thrive under its urban canopy. Because it’s an indoor grow, Sky High Gardens has a perpetual harvest cycle.

“Every 16 days we harvest at this facility,” Phil explained. “It’s not just that we harvest every 16 days, we do everything else at least as often.

“That’s why these [cannabis] companies are so difficult to run. And why we’re seeing failure in the market, unfortunately,” Phil said.

Since 2013, the Sky High Gardens’ brand has been heating up the Washington cannabis industry with high-quality cannabis flower. And that’s all they produce. No edibles. No concentrates. Nothing but nugs and pre-rolls.

As a Tier 3 grower, Sky High Gardens maxes out at 30,000 sq. ft., which is the largest scale cannabis operation currently allowed by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.


Sky High Gardens cannabis roots
A Sky High Gardens head grower shows off a rooting baby ready to be up-potted, so it can expand its root zone and head into adolescence.

Strain Hunters Extraordinaire

Sky High Gardens’ flower ranges from classic to exotic, from sweet to earthy. Up to 20 different strains can be grown in the facility.

Under the careful eye of Sky High Gardens Master Gardener Derek Smith, the team works tirelessly to regulate the plant growing environment. Control is the key to consistency. And vital to the integrity of the end product—and Sky High Gardens’ brand reputation.

There’s a hands-on approach to the cultivator’s grow model. From hand watering plants to cater to their varying growth intervals to hand trimming buds to showcase their best, cannabis is handled with great care.



Derek speaking of Boveda




Boveda 58% and 62%
Boveda 58% RH and 62% RH: two formulas for curing and storing flower.

Curing with Boveda is exact—and easy. (Just toss in Boveda with buds and Boveda gets to work.) On Sky High Gardens’ massive scale, it’s more efficient, consistent and effective to cure with Boveda. Its 2-way humidity control balances water activity, so each small batch can achieve the ideal flower quality. Boveda won’t over humidify buds, so they won’t mold. And Boveda won’t over dry flower, which zaps its potency.

A slow, precise cure with Boveda equals a more refined user experience.

“We talk about a 45-day glass cure here at Sky High Gardens—minimum,” Phil said. “The cure only happens between certain humidity ranges, and so Boveda allows us to achieve that ideal humidity time and time again. And that’s going to create that natural progression of removing the chlorophyll from the plant and achieving a smooth smoke and the full taste we’re accustomed to.”


Phil of Sky High Gardens




Boveda in Sky High Gardens JarSky High Gardens’ final step is to package up its product with Boveda for display, retail and maximum enjoyment by Pacific Northwest connoisseurs. Boveda even rides along with the little guys—Sky High Gardens’ eighth units. Boveda 1 grams are perfect for smaller daily doses.

“That’s just going to make sure that each customer is enjoying the full flavor of our bud,” Phil said. “Our goal is to always provide a product that if you’re the LAST person buying a Sky High Gardens’ unit from Ganja Goddess I want you to be just as happy as the FIRST.”

“Science is starting to show that the terpenes and the potency of these products last longer when the humidity is right.”



Stop haphazardly curing bud! Flower cured with Boveda 2-way humidity control always turns out superior because it’s:

  • Heavier
  • More attractive
  • Richer in terpenes (about 15% richer on average!)
  • Less harsh to smoke
  • More potent (and able to retain that potency longer)


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Heading to Seattle or entertaining out-of-town fans of the flower? Go Sky High for a KushTourism tour of this world-class flower operation.



Roni Stetter– Roni Stetter

Roni Stetter is a professional in the cannabis industry who has been touched personally by the plant. She has used it as part of a healthy pain management routine since 2010, and since that day has worked hard to educate the world about the positive physical, mental and societal effects of legalized cannabis.



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