Curing Weed With the CVault

You’ve found the perfect combination of seed, soil and TLC for your plants so when you get to harvest time, it can feel like you’ve already put in the effort. It’s time to reap what you’ve sown and enjoy your bountiful weed harvest…or is it? Not so fast! After drying, you can begin curing weed with the CVault

Drying Your Cannabis 

After you’ve harvested your buds, you will need to dry them out. There is a lot of moisture content in the cannabis after harvesting and allowing them to dry out prevents the buds from growing mold. There are many different ways to dry your weed, but hanging it in a dry area for a week (or more if you live in a very wet climate) is the easiest way to do it. If you do not have the space or the ability to hang-dry your cannabis, you can lay it out on wire racks. You’ll need to make sure that you flip them regularly if you are drying the buds on a rack.

While hang or rack drying is easiest for personal growers, the process ramps up for commercial growers and cultivators. These drying methods can be scaled to meet commercial demands.

Curing Your Cannabis 

Curing your cannabis is essential if you want to pull out all the flavor profiles and also get the smoothest smoking experience. Curing with the CVault is one of the easiest ways to do it because you can control the humidity and keep it at an ideal level with the Boveda pack while also ensuring your weed is sealed in an airtight environment. The entire curing process can take 2-3 weeks depending on the environment. 

Unlike curing with large mason jars or other methods, curing with the CVault provides many benefits including: 

  • Sizes up to 50L for commercial operations 
  • Uniformity across batches because of the controlled environment 
  • An airtight seal 
  • Durable stainless steel that prevents light from impacting the cannabis


In traditional curing containers — such as mason jars — there is not a lot of space for buds to be packed in. Even in larger half-gallon-sized mason jars, you do not have that much space. With the CVault, you gain a lot of space depending on the size that you choose for your containers. 

Use the CVault and pack your buds in. The container should be full, but it should not be overly full. Cultivator-sized CVaults provide plenty of space even for larger harvests.


Even though an airtight container is essential in the curing process, you’ll still need to get air to the buds that are packed in. This can be done by burping your weed during the curing process. To burp, simply open the container and allow some air to circulate around the weed. By allowing it to get some oxygen, you can help with the curing process and prevent mold growth. While the CVault is secure, it is still easy to unlatch and burp your weed. 


Throughout the curing process, you’ll need to shake your weed to ensure that it does not stick or clump together and that mold does not form. When you’re curing weed with the CVault, simply give it a few shakes every day or every few days at the end of the curing process. You do not need to open the container to do this so it can be done before or after burping. 


Perhaps one of the biggest problems that cultivators face is humidity control. It is difficult to keep the humidity at an ideal level when weed isn’t in a sealed container, but the CVault eliminates this problem. The airtight seal combined with the Boveda pack (that fits nicely in the pocket included with every CVault) will keep your buds from being too wet or dry. 

While the CVault will prevent most problems with mold and overdrying, you should still carefully inspect your weed to make sure that it does not have a strange smell, is not too sticky, too dry and there is no mold growing on it.

CVault Creates an Ideal Curing Environment

The CVault is the world’s smartest curing and storage container — no thinking required! We’ve created a container that works for many environments and provides humidity and light control for your weed. By curing weed with the CVault container, you can ensure a high-quality and uniform product from batch to batch. No matter how large your grow operation, from personal use all the way to large commercial cultivators, you can benefit from the CVault. We offer containers in a variety of sizes. Once you’ve cured your weed, you can also safely store it in the CVault to maintain the integrity and continue protecting it from the elements. Shop CVault today