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Humidor Seasoning Method: Is Your Humidor Properly Seasoned? 

Use Boveda for Seasoning to set up a humidor to get it done right every time.

When you season a humidor with Boveda, trust the process.

Scientists in the Boveda Innovation Center First have perfected the method of seasoning a humidor. We developed the right relative humidity (RH) solution to safely season a humidor without shocking the wood like the wipe-down method does. Then we tested how long you should leave Boveda seasoning packs in a humidor to thoroughly condition the wood.

Boveda scientists determined that using 84% RH for 14 days is the perfect “recipe” for seasoning a humidor. Most of the water vapor is released within the first week. The rest of the time, the cell structure of the wood slowly absorbs the moisture it needs, based on your specific humidor.

And to make sure the revolutionary Boveda seasoning packs worked in all types of models, we demoed them in:

  • Expensive high-end humidors
  • Leaky humidors, like glass-top boxes
  • Entry-level, inexpensive humidors

But, you have to follow the process. Use the Boveda Humidor Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to set up a humidor and keep it properly humidified for months.

The Boveda Humidor Starer Kit is available for 50-count and 100-count humidors. Seasoning a bigger humidor? Use more than one kit! Order a Boveda Humidor Starter Kit here.

Wondering What the RH is After You Set Up a Humidor?

You can double check the RH in a seasoned humidor with a calibrated hygrometer. Be proactive and calibrate your hygrometer while you season your cigar humidor. And remember to re-calibrate your hygrometer every six months to get the most accurate humidity readings. Don’t bother messing with a bottle cap salt test, try the Boveda One-Step Calibration Kit, which includes everything you need to perform a lab-quality salt test. (Plus, don’t trust if a new digital hygrometer says it’s calibrated right out of the box, read here why you should calibrate a new digital humidor before using it in your humidor.)

Order the Boveda One-Step Calibration Kit to try it for yourself, and discover why Boveda is the leading brand in 2-way humidity control packets.

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