How do I use the Boveda Humidor Starter Kit to Set Up a Humidor?

The Boveda Humidor Starter Kit comes with everything a cigar smoker needs to prepare a new wood humidor for storing cigars. And your first set of Boveda to mitigate low relative humidity (RH) that affects the flavor, condition and burn of your cigars.

Before you add cigars, you must season a new wood humidor. (Why you’re seasoning your new wood humidor.)

A Boveda 50-Count Humidor Starter Kit (pictured below) contains:

  • Two Size 60, 84% RH for Step 1
  • Two Size 60, 72% for Step 2

Boveda Humidor Starter Kit


A Boveda 100-Count Humidor Starter Kit (not pictured) contains:

  • Four Size 60, 84% RH for Step 1
  • Four Size 60, 72% for Step 2


  1. Remove the clear overwrap from the Boveda 84% RH: for seasoning. (Why you use Boveda 84% RH to season a humidor.)
  2. Place all of the unwrapped seasoning packs inside the EMPTY wooden humidor. (Where to store your cigars while you’re seasoning a humidor.)
  3. Close the lid and DO NOT open the humidor for 14 days—no matter what the hygrometer readings are. (Why seasoning a humidor with Boveda takes 14 days.)
  4. After 14 days, open the humidor. Remove the seasoning packs and discard them—they aren’t reusable. (Why you can’t reuse Boveda 84% RH after seasoning.)


  1. Remove the clear overwrap from the Boveda 72% RH: for maintenance.
  2. Place all of the unwrapped Boveda 72% RH inside the humidor. For best results, you want Boveda’s water vapor to circulate in and around your cigars. So feel free to place Boveda:
    • Under the cigar tray or shelf (If there are vertical slots, make sure your cigars don’t block these air holes.)
    • On top of your cigars (FYI, Boveda is safe to touch cigars.)
    • Inside a Boveda Holder that’s affixed to the lid. (If your humidor didn’t come with a holder, you can order yours here.)
  3. Now you can move your cigars into your new humidor.
  4. Congratulations, you’ve made it the 14 days. Time to celebrate and light up a cigar.

Don’t mix RH levels within the same humidor. And do not use Boveda in the same humidor with other humidification products because they will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of Boveda.

How do I season a wineador?

If your windeador has wood trays and shelves, you should season the unit before adding cigars. Seasoning conditions the wood components inside the wineador. Remove the clear plastic overwrap before using. Do NOT open the humidity packet inside. Place the Boveda 84% packs inside an EMPTY unplugged electric cabinet/cooler. Close the door and don’t open the cabinet for 7 days. After 7 days, open the cabinet, remove the Boveda seasoning packs and discard them—they aren’t reusable. Move your items back in, plug in your cabinet & add new Boveda 69% RH maintenance pack (sold separately). NEVER MIX the 84% with any other %RH.