Secret Stash Jars for Weed

Old school lunch boxes, mason jars and decorative vases are among the most commonly named secret stash jars for weed. There are all kinds of campy secret stash jars available for purchase online ranging from soda cans, Pringles tubes, and even fake power surge protectors. The problem with these novelty secret stash jars is that they typically lack a truly reliable seal and were rarely created with humidity control in mind. We designed the CVault with longevity and potential in mind. No wonder it’s the best weed container BY FAR and the number one choice for a branded flower container among both retail dispensaries and commercial cultivation and processing operations!

Why is CVault the best branded flower container on the market?

There are a variety of reasons to want a secret stash container for your weed that also protects your delicate flower. There are plenty of reasons to want or need to conceal your cannabis, hence the abundance of containers available for the explicit purpose of secretly stashing cannabis. One of the most sought-after weed containers is, of course, the CVault. With personal and commercial branded flower containers ranging in size from a small stash to a commercial enterprise, there’s a CVault for everyone.


One of the most important elements to a secretive stash jar is its ability to be… well. Secret. Thanks to its stainless-steel construction CVault looks like it belongs in any kitchen, right next to the oregano. If you live in a small place, then CVault is especially ideal for storing your weed, either in your kitchen or a broom closet.

Being secretive is not a mystery, you can try and kid yourself with one of those novelty secret stash jars they make for weed. Unlike novelty CVault features stainless steel construction, despite the newness and originality of some of these unique stash jars, they’re all ultimately going to be a waste when your stash totally dries up or your niece stumbles upon it.

Smell proof

Believe it or not, there’s a science to smell proofing a container, and it comes in the form of an airtight seal. Some appearances are deceiving, a secret stash jar that appears to have thick walls, and an airtight seal will actually leak some aroma. It doesn’t matter how secretive your secretive stash jar is… if it’s not smell-proof, it’s not going to stay secret for very long.

It’s time to face facts, weed is smelly, so if you want the best possible secret stash jar for your weed, then it needs to be smell proof. Potent marijuana can smell up an entire house if it’s fresh enough, while some users might admire this fact, roommates and family might find this aroma unpleasant.


Light is the number one killer of potent marijuana. Weed loves to be kept in the dark, so if your current secret stash jar for weed is transparent, you might want to reconsider. Although aesthetically pleasing, weed enthusiasts know that glass mason jars are not worth the risk. We understand it can be a tough day when CVault newbies realize they’ve been unnecessarily smoking dried and faded flower for years. Stick to a non-translucent and secretive stash jar for your weed.


Stealthiness is key when you constantly have relatives or family stopping by. Obviously keeping marijuana out of sight, is the best method for keeping nieces, nephews and grandkids safe from discovering your secret stash. One of the most creative secret stash hiding spots is a hollowed out book on a bookshelf. The problem with this cutesy method, besides you know the time and effort for someone who may well consider themselves a stoner, is that it’s definitely not smell-proof. Instead, consider an xsmall CVault “twist” that you can stash just about anywhere, the higher the better.

CVault is the Best Weed Container

CVault stores your cannabis and maintains the ideal moisture level and temperature automatically, no matter its intended lifespan. In fact, the CVault is the smartest curing and storage container on the market. Simply put your flower or other cannabis products inside the secret stash jar and close. CVault is one of the most incognito stashes available today.

CVault is lovingly known as the connoisseur’s storage container because it:

  • Revives old and dried cannabis flower
  • 2-way Humidity Control
  • Enhances taste
  • Improves smoothness
  • Increases cannabis shelf-life

The power of Boveda humidity packs combined with a secretive air-tight storage container is a complete humidity control solution and the perfect combination for marijuana lovers. Whether you’re storing or curing cannabis, CVault is one of the easiest solutions for keeping your weed at the perfect humidity level. The constant availability of humidity means that your weed will never lose or gain too much moisture.

All CVault containers are made from food-grade stainless steel, a construction that makes them essentially airtight and completely impenetrable by light. Even if you’re looking to store other substances besides cannabis, CVault works great for cannabis, tobacco, herbs, spices and even fresh food when you’re in pickle!

Secret Stash Containers for Cannabis

A quarter-inch wide seal made of silicone ensures an airtight seal every time. Boveda® packs stay conveniently in the humidity pack holder with the CVault. CVault is stackable as well, making it easy to store, this is helpful especially if you buy multiple branded flower containers. When you’re not storing or curing cannabis, you can even store smaller CVault’s within larger ones for maximum space-saving capabilities. Additionally, our newly improved latch design completes the airtight seal, locking in all of the product’s freshness.

The Best Stash Jars for Your Cannabis, Still

A lot has evolved in the world of legal cannabis in the past few years! Previously illicit and highly stigmatized for decades, there are now entire industries dedicated to the sole purpose of producing and educating consumers about the plant. Growers, manufacturers, packaging pros, nonprofits and media outlets have emerged due to legalized and regulated cannabis. While a lot has changed in the emerging weed market, one important theory has remained: the CVault by Boveda is still the best branded flower container!

The Best Weed Container will Maintain the Integrity of Your Cannabis

Novice and OG cannasseurs alike are learning the importance of maintaining the integrity of their product. From the trichomes to the sugar leaves, making sure that vital components of your cannabis stay fresher longer is the ultimate goal after the plant’s been harvested and processed for sale or consumption.

Rated No. 1 by High Times and Others

That’s where Boveda comes in. Offering the ‘best stash jar on the market’ according to a 2017 High Times distinction is the award-winning CVault produced by Boveda. Otherwise known as the #1 weed storage product on the market, the revolutionary CVault remains the top choice in stash containers on the market — mainly because of its ability to maintain the integrity of your cannabis via its proprietary engineering and 304-grade stainless steel.

The renowned media outlet High Times isn’t the only popular cannabis platform praising the CVault as the best branded flower container around. Popular website Ganjly rated Boveda’s CVault an impressive 9.7 out of 10 for the best weed container! Ganjly refers to the CVault as “the ideal storage container for all your cannabis, herbal products and aromatic concoctions,” according to their website.

“This is an excellent vessel to keep materials included within fresh and ready for consumption. I’ve purchased approximately 10 of varied sizes and I have 100% satisfaction with this product,” reads one 5-Star review on Amazon.

The weedist was also impressed by the CVault when they put the product to the test — even without the complementary addition of the Boveda.

“Personally, I have also found that the CVault is effective, to an extent, even without the humidpaks in them. The air-tight design alone is enough to preserve most of the freshness, though perhaps not the moisture. Overall, the CVault is a superior storing and curing container that is a great choice for someone seeking quality, durability and a container that will keep cannabis fresh.”

The CVault has also been reviewed by numerous fans on and YouTube. One user said the CVault really shines as a curing container.

“It is all in the cure. The cure is so important. You can overdry your weed. But with the [CVault] it seals the perfect amount of moisture, which is 62%, and it’s optimal for curing,” @shaftnshey said in her video review. “This is where I am storing all my weed from now on. It’s super awesome, and my collection will keep growing. If you’re looking for that craft quality effortlessly, why not?”

The Secret Behind the Best Stash Jar: Stainless Steel

Made of durable, lightweight and food-grade stainless steel, the CVault provides you with an airtight seal, keeping the aroma and freshness of the herbal products and blends intact, while also maintaining the integrity of the contents. Because of this air-tight seal, you can help keep your cannabis and hemp flower fresher longer. Plus, the CVault comes in a variety of sizes to store your recent purchase or latest harvest, making it the best branded flower container.

Protect Your Cannabis Investment

Herbs can be both precious and expensive. Especially the newly legalized herb, cannabis. Whether you’re purchasing your herbal remedies or growing your own, a ton of time, energy and resources go into growing nature’s most prized herbal gifts. Shouldn’t the same focus be on how to properly store your product once harvested?

Ummmm, yes. Yes, it should. Known as the “The World’s Smartest Storage Container, No Thinking Required!,” the CVault is constructed of food-grade 304 stainless steel, creating the perfect environment for maintaining the relative humidity and integrity of your precious cannabis compounds. Boveda is committed to helping you keep your cannabis fresher longer and remains the best weed container on the market. Learn more about the CVault!